Marrued but Gay

I George Evans Mishawaka IN am a marrued but closeted f**.. i ache to meet a man who will completely take and own me.. am soo ready to be outed/exposed!!

May 20, 2020

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  • Wish I could s*** your throbbing hard c***. I’m sure your c*** would be sweet tasting

  • Lets go baby!

  • Cmon! :)

  • Omg yes baby it is! do it! close to mishawaka?

  • Lets go! are you close?

  • Mm soo hot!! she is gonna find out or someone is gonna see this and tell her.. hope you are ready gay boy.

  • Omg yes i am so ready! cmon baby.. find me! mishawaka.. George Evans :) time to come out baby!! time to share! :) no going back.. mmm

  • S*** stabbers the lot of you ! Just f****** die you q**** bastards.

  • I to want to be with men and be enjoyed. I so want to dress as a woman and be flirty with men. I want to be taken and used by men but not as a s*** but a willing s** partner. Dress and act as a woman and be the sexy classy s*** a man wants.

  • That is EXACTLY what I i want too.. i am soo ready! are you also in mishawaka?

  • He means married but gay

  • That is what I mean! i was tired.. i am for sure married and absolutely gay.. no question about it!

  • It was misspelled twice. That takes a special kind of stupid.

  • Sorry.. it was way late/early... little/no sleep.. good point though.

  • Boom, Mishawaka waka, boom !

  • Boom indeed.. but here it is..

  • What is 'marrued'

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