Shall i leave my mom for getting f*****??

I used to live with my mom and my uncle . My father would come to house once in a year . He lived out of the country for work. My mother was young beautifull hot and sexy with huge b**** of 36DD and a hugr ass . I heard in my colony many boys talking about my mother i felt bad but i decide not to say anything to them .. But once i was heartbroken . It was around 12 pm i was awake and was using my phne my phne charger was in my mother room so i decided to get it . I went their door was not locked but was half open and curtain was there and what i saw was just h*** . I saw my uncle and my mom naked there having a nyc wild s** . At first moment i got aroused by seeing such beautifull hot girl naked and it was 1st time i saw any girl naked . Ny d*** got hard .. Instantely hiding my self in curtain i took out my d*** seeing then started masturbating but then i was remembered that she is my mom and i felt bad that she was doing role of s*** . I saw the full scene full s** there crying when it was over and mom body mouth full of c** i went back to my room crying 1st i masturbated thinking about my mom b**** and pussey but then again i started crying ... Whenever i see her now anywhere in kitchen or any part of the house i see her wearing clothes but in my eyes she comes full nude like a s*** sucking doing b****** getting f***** . And i am disturbed shall i tell this to my dad and leave my mom??

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  • Just another fake sick incest story!! God you disgust me nasty trailer trash.

  • Talk to her about what you have seen. Make a deal, you will keep your mouth shut but in return you will f*** her as long as you wish. All three will happy out of this deal. Think about it!!

  • Not cool

  • So you think he should blackmail his own mother you f****** piece of s*** get a f****** life you f****** weirdo .

  • No lat is rape i was raped

  • Wow

  • But if she tell this to father !!

  • She would not if she had enjoyed your f*** session, for SURE!!

  • If i offer her and before trying with me if she tells to father then !!!!

  • Just talk to her you will keep it their secret. Tell her you enjoyed seeing her and want to see more if she would like as well

  • I think she will not allow !!!

  • Are you put of your f****** mind?!!! Mom is cheating on her husband with his brother. He needs to know he has a cheating wife. And shame on you as a son to even considering having anything sexual with your mother. Shame on you!!!

  • There's nothing wrong with wanting s** with your mother. I'd love to f*** my mum and I really wish I had!!

  • You are deified sick man

  • I don't think so

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