Can't take uncle ass f****** me anymore

I'm 22 M, and it killing me inside knowing I have no choice but to let my uncle (mom's brother) ass f*** me bareback 3 times a week.

My mother sacrificed everything for me as a grew up. She worked 2 jobs and I was able to go to college with no student loans. She opened a business when I was 18 and at first it did well. Then for the last 3 years she got sick and soon it was going to go bankrupt I went behind her back to her brother. They had been estranged for years, he who is very wealthy and I begged him for money to help mom.

He said he would help, but I had to let him ass f*** me 3 times a week. I knew mom would lose everything Including our house. So I agreed hating the idea of incest with my uncle.

He paid the back mortgage on our house and put money into the business each month to keep it afloat.

But I'm trapped being his f*** toy. The first time he f***** me and I felt him c** in my ass i threw up disgusted I had done this.

I want to stop but mom will lose everything. I hate what he does to me. The worst part is after 3 months of ass f****** I started to get hard as he f***** me. Then a month later I started c****** as he f***** me.

My uncle laughed and said, " I knew you were a little f** and want this. Your c****** as I f*** you". After that first time c****** he f**** me so much harder then at first, I can barely walk afterwards.

Is he right, am I really a f**? Why do I get hard from being ass f*****. I willingly do this to save mom, I hate getting pleasure from gay incest. I want to die.

May 20, 2020

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  • Please tell us more

  • No harm just move on with your life

  • I want an update on this. Don't leave any details out

  • You ar not a f**. You might like guys but not your uncle and that's okay. Your body reacts to things without you wanting it and that usually happens. You have no control over your body, that doesn't mean you like it. If you did like guys of course you still wouldn't like it. He IS raping you. That is blackmail and if you don't actually want it is is rape.

  • When I used to come home from school, mom would hand me condom and tell me to go take care of dad. It was always vaginal. I just lay there and cried.

  • Stfu and die i am disappointed in you

    Your dad

  • Even though my dad was gentle and would ask if it hurts and he'd use lots of lube and work his way in gently, it was still horrible. I was so ashamed. I did not have the strength to say no. Moved away to get away from him.

  • He gay. I discovered I was during regular threesome with my wife and my friend. I start getting hard just seeing naked. Soon our threesome became him f****** me. My wife stopped it when I began c** from being ass f*****.

    We continued without her knowing. I realized I'm completely gay.

  • Secretly film him plumbing your bowels and blackmail him. If he's wealthy, he might pay dearly to keep his buggering of his nephew a secret.

  • Your posts are the best. Keep up the good work.

  • You can't help the response to physical stimulation of the prostate. It's natural, not conscious or elected. Tell him you won't continue to be a catcher unless unless he starts allowing you to pitch sometimes. Yeah, you need to start fucken that n****! So. .... F*** THAT N****!!!!

  • If you're squirting a load from getting assfucked, you might be gay. At least that is what my wife says.

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