I hate n******.

There. I said it. Every black friend I ever had has stole,lied,abused,used,and mooched off me. I can see why people hate n******.

May 21, 2020

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  • Anger issues

  • Blacks are a necessary evil I'm afraid. Just as a fire burns through the forest, destroying everything, it allows new trees to grow.

    Blacks destroy so that something new can arise. They are antagonists and a force of change. That is their role.

  • You are a nasty narrow minded short sight racist.
    I am.white British and proud to be unlike you
    All humans are born equal and people like you take away that God given right.
    Shame on you and those like you

  • Apart from AIDS and Ebola virus , what have n****** given the world ?

  • We are not all equal or the same. There are people that are better athletes, cooks, singers, builders,etc. We all are unique though cause no 2 people are the same.

  • Look what's happening in America now . This guy Floyd must have done something to get arrested . Of course no-one mentions that , it's all about the poor , innocent black man being the victim of the white police officer . Two sides to every story , let us hear the police officer's side .


  • That would be correct. Nobody ever called Rodney king a criminal jacked on PCP who initiated the brawl with police. They just said he was a "black motorist". By those standards, Charlie Manson was just a misunderstood Beatles fan and Hitler was a maverick scientist.

  • I can sense the anger in you. First the only diff between humans is good or bad (obviously we can determine it in the first go). Next thing that you should believe is the concept of karma which everyone have to face either today or tommorrow

  • There is no anger in me. That's a funny meme though. U mad bro? LoL.
    Who decides what is good and what is bad? What's good to one is bad to another and vice versa.

  • That's always the excuse for despicable behavior. Always.

  • Blow it out your ass

  • We wouldn't get along.
    I'm sixty years old, white and British and yes I have posted my disgust at racists before.
    Let me tell you a true story:
    About twenty years ago I used to drive past a white South African at a bus stop.who worked in the same building as myself.
    The journey was ten miles and took me 30 minutes by car.
    The journey took the chap I picked up nearly 80 minutes and two buses.
    I helped him get to work and took him home for a few weeks.
    One day we were discussing girlfriends.
    I spoke about my live in girlfriend Sarah.
    I didn't think it relevant to mention her colour so didn't.
    My passenger mid conversation said
    " I'd never go with a black girl, I hate them".
    My Sarah was black.
    I immediately slammed on the brakes and said " Get out NOW !
    My passenger replied
    " But we're in the middle of nowhere"
    to which I replied
    " Not my problem, bye".
    Never saw that man again

  • Shame on you . Also very unchristian behaviour from you . The pity is that you sound proud of your reaction .

  • Because you have to suck off jesus crist to not be racist, oh? what's that you don't eat god's tight ass ho le? RACIST

  • Yes, he was "un-Christian". A real Christian would either spend the entire trip being condescending or take a "quick side trip" to a friend's house so more than one good Christian could gang up on the person-- excuse me, I meant "pray with them". Worst case scenario is the real Christian is one of those compound dwellers training toddlers how to use rifles for the LORD, and literally God only knows how that situation would go down. So what was your point, little god-botherer?

  • Thank you for understanding my deliberate action that was intended to cause that unpleasant thoughtless racist a lesson.
    Racists need to learn that they have no place in civilised society.
    I did what I deemed necessary, I wasn't proud of my actions in any way but I would do exactly the same again.

  • Don't belong in a civilized society? If that's the case let's get rid of blacks. They cause the most crime in the USA.

  • Did I upset you ? Oh , naughty me !

  • Upset...?? Oh, you sweet simple little thing. You don't really understand how intelligent people work, do you...

  • This is the white British that detests racists here, NOTE : I don't hate anyone, I detest unpleasantness.
    Can somebody please tell me my America has a civil war simply down to skin colour ?

  • Because there stupid are easily manipulated. There is no race riots in the true sense. Of course there are people that judge. If you don't, I'd like to take you out for a walk sometime down a ghetto. You pick the ethnic background.
    We can live and be racists. It's ok.
    It's when you start trouble that's a problem!
    Trying to stamp out racism is a ridiculous notion!
    In general i don't trust anyone and if you're a lying thieving dirty b****** it's you i don't like, not your race. If others like you do the same it's more likely because you we'r raised in the same environment!
    Ive met more blacks that are racist to whites than the other way around.
    Anyway , live as you want. Don't through Christians (or any other religion) under the bus either, that's just more ignorance.

  • Agree with everything including the last part, provided-- and this is important-- that the religious person/persons in question aren't starting $hit in that sly sideways way of theirs. If that happens, under the bus they go, and I"ll put that sucker in reverse and run them over three or four more times before I'm done. Live and let live-- but get up in my face and you won't walk away unharmed. Not a difficult concept.

  • I can't help wondering if you.actually are stupid enough to actually mean what you said and really hate a whole race because of their skin colour.
    You sound like the stupid parents of today who won't discipline their kids to avoid upsetting the little darlings but moan like f*** and blame everybody else when the kids turn in to uncontrollable little c****.

  • The original post didn't mention hate.

    I agree with you about brats.

  • I didn't mention the actual word hate in my original reply to the racist that started this whole conversation with his
    " I hate n******" statement because it didn't appear necessary to me to do so.

    I thought the fact that my explanation for ejecting my passenger explained my dislike of racists enough.
    To be clear, I don't hate anyone.
    Hate us is a very nasty word.
    I do dislike unpleasantness very strongly .

  • Probably. Stupid people do so love to breed...

  • What an a****** you are.

  • Right, because if the situation were reversed-- a racist disagreeing with someone in the middle of nowhere while driving them somewhere-- would never, ever pull a move like that. Save your ten-cent words for people who actually deserve them.

  • You are talking about a hypothetical.

    You could've dropped the guy off and then told him to never contact you again.

  • Yea, but try to get these dumb f****** people to get it

  • Who are you talking to?

  • I am a sixty year old white male and have a black friends and ex colleague that I would trust with my life.
    I have good Asian friends tooth, Sikhs, Muslims and Hinfus.
    You can't judge people by the colour of their skin and don't forget we all have the same colour blood.
    I know many white people that are not trustworthy.
    Maybe the problem is the location where you live .

  • Never try reasoning with racists of any color. And I do mean ANY color.

  • That's exactly right, and sadly they exist in every skin-color and every religion.

  • I'm not a racist.

  • The sixty year old white male is not, no. OP is, and every dumb responder on here is too

  • Plus as you can see they're very easy to trigger. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

  • They can hug a NlGGER as they jump off a cliff.

  • F*** you libturd. Go kill yourself.

  • Go dive head first into a wood chipper.

  • >>Plus as you can see they're very easy to trigger

    As evidenced by the two babies directly above this comment. Poor widdle muffins got dey feewings hurt? Awww

  • Everywhere NlGGERS go is nothing but a violent h*** hole. They have always screwed me over even when I was their only true friend. Nowadays I avoid them like...well.......the black plague.

  • We are nice people with a heart and willingness to help people around but when such things happens then it really fills us hatred and revenge so I can feel you and understand you situtation you can make a list of those people and find a way to mentally torture them bcuz ghosts of kick don’t understand words. Good luck

  • I don't wish any n***** that did me harm any evil. I have come to understand that n****** are nothing but scum.

  • Well, you're stupid for assuming everyone with dark skin are scum. You're probably just bad at choosing friends. Or just unlucky. Or it's just a coincidence. Either way, it's dumb to accuse millions and billions of people of being the exact same way. You aren't very smart. At all. The way you're acting, it's no wonder they were easily able to get the one up on you.

  • Well said my friend.
    As I've said I'm.white, I'm British and I have friends,neighbours and colleagues of many races, religions and colours.
    You cannot judge anybody by their skin colour.
    Racists of any skin colour are nasty uneducated people.

  • HAHAHAHA stupid ass n*****. Go back into your woodpile and start beating your sprogs, cause what i read here is this: OOK OOK EEK EEK MUTHAFUCKA OOK OOK EEEEK.

  • I didn't say everyone with dark skin. Also I love how you say it's ok to take advantage of someone. Go suck off a live power line.

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