Hi I am an older guy and wear panties and bras and started doing so in 1986
and love to wear different colors and styles and have always wanted to be with another guy who wears panties and bras also and even have s** with him. The first time I wore a pair of panties it was heaven and loved the soft sensual feel of wearing them and they are very sexual to wear and do so everyday. If anyone is interested in being with me please let me know and even email me at legg.r034@aol.com anytime. I have also worn hose and short skirts.

May 23, 2020

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  • So, my bf smells my dirty panties and wears them, but I dont think he is gay he try to explain but well no ????

  • He's not gay I have sniffed and worn so many different women's panties including my mom's my sisters my wife's Mother's...momspantysniffer

  • Your father your uncle your brother one of them has jerked off to the scent of your slit with a pair of your panties while sniffing and tasting them your son will also j*** off to the scent of you slit with a pair of your used panties I bet your boyfriend has sniffed your moms and sisters panties. We all have sniffed and tasted our sisters mothers wife's mothers friends daughter's panties...momspantysniffer

  • He's not gay

  • Is there any fat girls in cramlington who want a man to sit on her belly if u do e mail me at daverich1@hotmail.co.uk thanks

  • You are all f****** sick faggots .
    I can't believe the comments I have just read . Die you q**** c****.

  • There was a dude like this in my high school always says I was going to h*** because I am a dude who was clearly gay were now happily married

  • Bet you would love to suck a c ock if you tried it, mmmmmmm think of pulling his knickers down, seeing that hard c ock, taking it in your mouth and feeling it throb and the sheer pleasure when he explodes in your mouth

  • Sucking is fantastic, but swallowing is even better. I'll do it any were movies, car just the feel of a c--k sliding in my mouth and down my throat, then swallowing their hot c--.

  • Sick sick sick

  • Yes, wearing silky ladies clothing is bliss and its makes loving another man all the more pleasurable because you are his lady. you feel feminine, you look feminine and he handles you like a lady.
    Don't take any notice of the trolls, they are just ignorant!!

  • Still confused ???

  • The only panties and bra I like are the ones laying on the floor. They belong to the woman who Is in bed with me, and spreading her legs for me.

  • A normal person finally among all these excuses for men.
    How one male can fancy another male I'll never understand and frankly I don't want to, it's repulsive. Ugh !!!

  • I am 56 and have worn panties since I was 11. I wear them everyday to work along with stockings. During the winter I will wear a bra as well with a thicker dress shirt. I dress fully when ever the wife is away in a dress or skirts, tops and heels. Wife has no clue I am BI or a cd

  • Love having you suck me off while you wear your wifes panties and her dress...momspantysniffer

  • Reading this encouraged me that life is not so lonely as I thought it was. Thanks for the encouragement that sensuality is not so rigid and others feel the same. Sheer Energy in the suntan color is my favorite pantyhose for many years (decades actually!).

  • I wish they would make guys underwear in girls fabric.

  • Exactly

  • I also wear bra panties and pantyhose every day. Started late in life now wouldn't change back.

  • Do you use padded bras? What is your age?

  • Good Morning I use padded and also wireless bras to wear which I do enjoy wearing and my age is 74. If you are interested in getting together let me know and do you wear panties. I also use tampons in my panties.

  • I'm 75 and do the same thing.

  • Same here dude. Started wearing my sisters panties in the early 50's

  • You naughty darling. My lover is nearly seventy and he likes me dressed in my silkies, he loves the "Fifties" look, you know what I mean, stockings lovingly held in place with suspenders covered with a pair of full bum silky nylon knickers under a flouncy full vintage petti and a full circle swing skirt or dress. Very, very naughty, but nice, kiss, kiss.

  • When I go for a date, I wear crotch-less panties. I am in my 60s. Use padded bra. My partner in his 70s - we both have ED problem but we suck each others nips and mutually m********* almost limp c**** to e**********. Most often give bjs to each others. I am thinking of ass f**** by a young stud but don't dare!! How about you?

  • You darling, you sound gorgeous and I love the way you describe how you handle your partner, I am certain you both love it. I am a transvestite and I've been having an affair with mu neighbour Jack for over fifteen months, he is retired and just short of 70. However jack takes V***** and that makes his manhood as stiff as a tree trunk and I love it.
    An older man is so loving and jack loves how I dress in my silkies. I am 39 and have been living as female since my teens, but you will be pleased to know that I still have all my male parts and they are impressive!!

  • Hi thanks for your message and would love to have s** with you or a transvsetite sometime as I have never done that. send me a sexy picture of you on my email and would love to see your c***.

  • You would love my c*** darling, it adores being erect in my silky nylon full-bum knickers, my suspenders and stockings. I feel super-aroused when me and Jack are standing kissing, he is naked with his giant erection and I am fully dressed. I spread my legs and he lifts the hem of my floaty dress and my slip and pushes his throbbing monster between my legs as we French-kiss each other. The sensation of his c*** thrusting between my legs and against the gusset of my knickers is so powerful, I remember once we both actually e********* while doing that.
    Jack is a very sexy naughty man and I'm certain that Elsie his wife knows what's going on.

  • Hi I love to wear nylon panties and bras and also suck a guys c*** and would love to have a hard c*** up inside me and some hot c** and also I am very experienced at enemas.

  • You will have to do what I say ...momspantysniffer

  • Just started putting pads in my panties and peeing little bits into them. End of the day they stink so nicely.

  • It's a great smell.

  • Must be heavenly feelings! Consider using used sanitary pads - available in public toilets (W) in the malls.

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