I dress up so he can w*** off

Ever since me and my 16 year old son have been on lockdown ive noticed he's been paying more more attention like he wanted me and i was right,he came up behind me and squeezed my t*** and said if only you wasn't my mum,he done that about 3 or 4 times so i could his bluff outside my bedroom thinking it might stop him but no he was up for it, things got crazy then we didn't make it to the bed he f***** me as i was bent over my dressing table,I told him it was a one off but we had s** most days since.

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  • F****** incest propagandist at it again

  • I'm on lockdown with my 14-year-old son. After 3 weeks of no s** with my boyfriend, I went to my son's room as he was undressing for bed. I was naked except for a short see-through nightie. Immediately my son got a hard-on. I dropped to me knees, took his c*** out of his briefs, and blew him until he spunked down my throat. I continued to suck hip until he was hard again. Then I told him to lie on his bed. When he was ready, I straddled him, and f***** him. He now sleeps in my bed, and we have a couple of f**** a night. My husband, who was working in Germany when the virus began, will never know just what a good repeater his son is.

  • That's great!!

  • Lucky you!!

  • Just so you’re protected so that you’re well you know

  • Try to be more innovative next time while posting BS next time loser

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