I have been sharing my wife with other men for 15 years. Her favorite is BBC and I enjoy watching her take them, G******** are always the best. One night we brought 3 black guys home to gangfuck her and they were. When one started looking around and sees a picture of our two daughters, He makes some kind of crud comment but I didn't say anything. As th one who was looking at the picture of our girls starts f****** her again he starts saying he's going to f*** out girls one day. He kept saying and saying it until she, my wife started asking if he wanted to f*** outlittle girls. It made my c*** so hard. She kept saying that our girls were going to lobe BBC like mom. I loved hearing hhat and since I cant stop thinking about our daugthers being like mom an loving BBC. So I bought them skimpy bikinis this year to show them off and to tease the men.

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  • F*** your daughter will watch your wife get f*****

  • Tack thim for a spin

  • You call 3 c**** a gang-bang? My wife has don as many as 14 c**** in one night. She's been f***** so much in one night that she passes out and still has o******. We've been together for over 20 years and every year, I've invited guys over to f*** her silly. In the early years it was once maybe twice a month, but in the past 5 or 6 years it's only been once or twice a year and in all that time she's f***** over 150 different c**** and there are two guys who are still f****** her after 20 years. And the amazing thing is, her c*** and ass are as tight as they've ever been, of course she's only 5 feet, 3 inches tall, weighs about 120 pounds and still has fairly firm D-cupped t*** on her 32 inch chest. She is the proverbial f***-machine, she'll do anything with anybody, which doesn't leave much she hasn't done. But her favourite afternoon is with the teen-aged c**** in the area (we live in the country), there are 7 of them and when she calls them over for an afternoon she knows they are going to wear her out. Those young c**** are good for 4 or 5 hours of f******.

    Get your wife some young c*** and watch what it can do for her.

  • Wow! I’m 48. I love teaching boys how to be men as well. Nothing better than 17 or 18 year old. I’ve never done more than 3 at one time but I did have 4 sets of 3 one day. My p**** and ass was sooo sore

    But I have to agree with the original post about BBC. You can only handle those in moderation.

    My hubby is hung for a White guy. Just over 7inches long and about 6 inches in girth. Which as great when I was in my twenties. But after 3 kids, momma needs it thick!

    I prefer at least 7 inches of girth. A little bigger than a Red Bull can. That fills me up just fine.

    If any of you boys out there have that covered and are in Texas let me know

  • Good job... get mom to find some 'nice' clothes for them too ; )

  • Another mentally sick ass h ole

  • Another hateful b******

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