Kick in the b****

Girls, any of you interested in kicking me in the b****? I need someone that lives in the oregon area tho.



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  • Be honest how many of these confessions are yours?

  • I got like 4 I'm just trying to look for a girl and play trying to be positive right now

  • I replied in one I will kick you so hard you will be spitting you b alls out of your mouth. Is that one of them?

  • Im a different person but i wish you could do that to me

  • So I'm not the only guy that's ok with that

  • Yes and I'm totally down for that

  • You do know if I do that a few minutes later you would be dead right. But seriously why do you want to get your B alls to get kicked? I mean I can take a lot of pain but it s ucks and the only good thing about pain is thats it feels better when it stops hurting. So please explain why you would want this.

  • Also only if that girl thinks it would be funny

  • I only would allow this if the girl likes doing it to boys. I do it for the girls entertainment but I'd rather not have you do it to hard.

  • You just stated "Yes and I'm totally down for that" so which is it? And I don't think it is funny and don't know many other girls who thinks it's funny either.

  • Well do you want to kick me still?

  • Yes but so hard you spit them out. Thats my only offer.

  • Where are you at then

  • I just like a dominate woman

  • You know there are fetish dating websites out there. Go to them and someone will help you with your wishes

  • No I never knew that

  • Well go there find someone and come back and tell us if it was everything you wanted!

  • Can you tell me what its called?

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