I took advantage of my Sister (lesbian)

I was 14 and she was 16. We were both good looking and had a number of boys chasing us, sis even dated a guy, her first and only relation up to then for 2 months before breaking up, I never entered into relations yet. Both our parents would be working and were mostly away on business trips, it was always just us at home after we returned from school. It was a small house, we shared the same room. This new found freedom lead to us doing a lot of stuff we normally could never get away with. We drank beers, we smoked and we watched p*** on the internet. I had seen p*** on kids phones at school before but this was the first time I really watched it and the whole thing was quite overwhelming.

Initially still fixated on what we were watching, I slid my hand into my pants and started taking care of myself. At some point, she looked at me and saw what I was doing and just smiled a little then went back to watching the video.

For some stupid reason, I decided that my sister smiling at me in a completely non-seductive way was a sign that seeing me fingering myself turned her on. So I started to do my poor impersonation of what I thought was dirty talk to her. Stuff like ‘this p**** is so sexy, watching it makes me all h**** and sexed-up’.

She just laughed and said ‘You need to get laid’. Out of nowhere, I thought it would be a good idea to basically pounce on her and start groping her chest and trying to put my finger (the one that had just been inside me) into her mouth at which point she pushed me away and said ‘What the f*** are you doing?’

Still completely dead-set on raping my own sister (not that I would’ve described it as such at the time) I managed to pull down her PJ pants and climb on top of her, although I didn’t really do anything after that other than stare her in the face while laying on her. She said nothing and just gave me a confused look. After probably about 30 seconds the awkwardness set in and I rolled off her. She turned off the p*** that was playing on her computer and put on a youtube video instead and then eventually we just went to sleep.

But I couldnt sleep, a wild desire had set in me like never before, i no longer saw her as a sister but an angel that I just kept wanting to get close to. I got down from my bed and slowly pulled off her pants again and slowly started massaging and kissing her legs and final my tongues settled in her private, it was pleasure I never personally experienced before but only saw in the p*** videos. But she woke up at that moment and freaked out. I kept apologizing and lying that I had a drink before going to bed and was too confused. She was always sort of motherly to me and believed me. She said that she didn’t really think of it as a rape attempt either and just put it down to me being a confused teenager who had never experienced proper s** education. But a devil had possessed me and I didnt want to give up. Our parents werent returning until four more days and I had time to execute my new plan.

Next day after coming home from each other's school we were joking around randomly. She was slightly shocked by yesterday's incident, though she didnt want to give away her feelings, I just could tell and wanted to lay low, no drinks or porns that day. But I insisted on the drinks and I mixed sleeping pills on hers and while chatting and giggling about random stuffs she fell asleep on the couch. I then undressed her and begun massaging and sucking her whole body. I kept sniffing her beautiful long hair, which I was always kinda jelous of. I licked every inch of her. I fingered her p****, licked it like there was no tomorrow. I laid over her my p**** touching her p**** , my legs going up and down over her legs, and my breast touching hers and humped over her. I was so aroused , i put my p**** over her right foot and humped up and down experiencing heavenly o***** that I never experienced before or ever again. Finally I was tired, rolled from top of her, and went to sleep giving her a kiss on her cheek.

I woke up maybe a few hours later to a loud shriek. My sister was up naked, her eyes filled with tears, looking me with contempt and revulsion, her look of sisterly affection totally gone. I felt guilty, ashamed and wanted to apologies but I could not speak a word. She slapped m hard , then threw me out of the bed, along with my clothes screamed at me to get out of the room. I did and she locked it and dint come out until I left to school next morning. After returning she opened the door for me and told me that we can no longer share the same room and to share my parents room until they got back. I obliged. We didnt speak to each other and she kept avoiding me after that. After my parents came back she convinced them to let her move out to grandma's house and within a week she made the move. She didnt even say bye to me, and we barely ever see each other or even get to talk since then. Its been nine years since, today she is married for two years and has a daughter, i was not even invited to her wedding. I came out as lesbian by the time I had gone to college, had three girl friends up to present, sharing house with my current. I forever feel guilty and will never forgive myself for killing off my relationship with my sister, I feel like an unworthy animal whenever i think of it now and shed tears at the thought how much she hates me now. But ever since then I had many sexual experiences and I have never had a more wonderful experience ever than that day I made love to my unconscious sister and I would give everything I have away just to not only be her sister again but also her lover.

May 25, 2020

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  • That’s not hot at all that’s rape

  • That’s so hot

  • Today is my sis's birthday, I sincerely wish her a happy birthday <3

  • Please do not judge me by that action, I was just a naive 14 year old kid, and I respect my sister's decision to not let me in her life again, but if she ever welcomes me back I will always go back to her, I love her with all my heart, I want to be with her forever. But I totally respect her decision.

  • That’s disgusting. You deserve to be in jail or dead.

  • Everyone deserves to grow and learn

  • I was just 14.

  • There was another lesbian girl, who raped her younger sister repeatedly, and she gave her o******, and then made her younger sister giver her o******. The younger sister killed herself on her way to school one morning.

  • Should of put her clothes back on after you took advantage of her body.

  • S** should always be consensual, even between family members

  • This comment is a copy paste and it's all over the f****** place on this site

  • That's because it's right.

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