S** with my Cousin

A few years ago I started having s** with my cousin. It started because I was snooping through her bras and underwear... I would take pictures of them and when I got the chance I would grab a pair, sneak into her bathroom and use it to j*** off.
But one day, she caught me. I got ballsy and figured I had to j*** off on her bed with her underwear. Stupidest decision of my life, or so I thought.
She walked in while I had one pair wrapped on my d*** and another used pair in my face. When I saw her I nearly s*** myself.
She looked at me really confused at first, but not disgusted.
She closed the door and I tried to explain myself as fast as I could before she decided to run upstairs and rat me out.
But she didn’t leave. I saw her lock the door and then I became confused.
My cousin walked over to me, sat on the bed and told me she had always wondered where I would disappear to.
My mind and heart are racing because in my head I’m saying “holy s*** this is like a p****.” And then it finally played out like one.
My cousin eventually asked if I wanted help and obviously I could not turn it down.
So she grabbed my d***, still covered by her underwear, and started jerking me off.
Eventually I decided to push the boundaries and asked her if we could do more and she had agreed.
She let me feel her up and take her clothes off... I slid her underwear off last because I knew that would be my favorite part.
She laid on her back and I started to eat her out. But it didn’t last long because I couldn’t contain myself.
I eventually slid myself inside of her and she let out a little moan. And we had s** for about an hour. Maybe a little less. I came twice in that time span and she was satisfied as well. I’d be lying if I said she let me c** inside of her that day but do I really she did.
But years later, me and her have continued having s**. She basically lets me do whatever I want to her now. I’m 20 and she’s 19 now. Anytime we see each other we try to sneak away from the family to have a little fun together.
I wouldn’t say we’re dating but I don’t think it’s out of the realm of opportunity in the future. Quarantine has been rough but we’ve been able to manage seeing each other once or twice a week for s**.
Sorry if this is too long.

May 26, 2020

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  • Once visiting my relative's house, found my cousin brother's widow alone. As she went to the kitchen to serve me some drink, I followed and grabbed her from behind. She though initially objected, just could not withstand the urge and was totally submissive. I had a good s** with her and she was more excited and h**** than worried. Still continues the relation when opportunity so allows. Once made a video of a great f*** in various positions and have also uploaded on internet. Search for nude busty figured girl suck b**** and man c*** in -my-mothersleep-com.

  • Love my cousin, slept at hers the other night, she came down in the night for a drink in knee high socks and a nightie, her husband asleep upstairs.

    We f***** all night on the sofa then continued when he went work in his bed, she isn't on the pill because he's had the snip and I didn't hesitate to c** in her, whoops.

    He's a j*** so deserved it.

    We both loved it, we have been at it off and on for years, she's my favourite f*** her p**** is something else.

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