Why do I man s**!?

I am a married professional man. I have a wonderful relationship with my wife but every other month or so I crave s** with a man. The craving is so strong, I try to fight if but after a while it seems to consume me. I always eventually give in to the desire. It is rarely (sometimes it is amazing) a good as the fantasy and I know it will probably be disappointing but I still give in. In the moment it is hot but I always feel tremendous guilt afterwards and swear I will never do it again, but I always give in.

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  • Im married, straight to a degree but want to have gay s** and lots of it. A built hunk taking my ass or sucking me off makes me c** double quick!

  • Its frightens the life out of me that i can have such a perfect and happy married life yet still risk everything just to feel a young mans c*** in my mouth.There`s only been five in the last twenty years but i am sure sooner or later ill do it again never really understanding why as iv no interest in my own s** other than sucking someone of now and then.

  • Make myself, Married, kids, hetero for feelings, i find S** with another male lot better. I love glory holes and mouth work. Since quarantine i feel trapped...

  • I love s** with my lady but there is something about being naked with another man and just happen what happens

  • Im a straight married man as well but i meet other men for oral s**.

  • Your not alone

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