Girl c***

I am a 44 year old married man with a kid. I work in the insurance industry and am quite your normal family guy, stable marriage, lovely kid, lot of friends, weekend family getaways and stuff.

Deep down I have a dirty secret. I am addicted to shemales for s**. Every month, I set aside some cash for a paid sexual encounter with a s****** secretly. I always seek shemales with penises. I am addicted to girl c***.

I am not gay nor bi. I am perfectly straight. I have even had a few extra marital paid encounters with women. In fact I ended up with a s****** for the first time when I could not find a female h***** to sleep with and in a desperate moment of l***, solicited a post-op transsexual. Having felt blown away by the s** and the girly attitude,I decided to give trannies another shot. Not finding a post -op tranny of my liking, I went with a c*** s****** and for the first time, touched another person's erect p****. Things went wild in no time and I found myself sucking her c*** and letting her c** in my mouth (covered c***). It was so erotic and wild that I ended up sucking her bareback and the smell of the unsheathed c*** with her swollen head turned me on really wild. Those soft lusty moans as her c*** pulsated in my mouth turned me into a girl c*** addict.

Now I suck girl c*** every month - visiting s** providers at their homes, f****** them in their ass, rubbing c*** to c*** (lubricated with gel makes it a wildly fantastic experience) , kissing the babes ,passionately while groping their tools, r******, ass licking a whole lot of BDSM is a worthwhile investment every month.

I am now priming myself to be penetrated in the ass by girl c***. that is my next moment of nirvana. Getting boned by girl c***.

My wife has absolutely no idea. It is not that I do not love her. Our s** life took a backseat since the kid and I have not regretted. But the lure of big c*** girls is something I am a prisoner to now.


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  • Morons There are no chicks with D ICKS just men with TI TS .

  • You definitely aren't straight. Don't delude yourself. You are at least bi.

  • Hi, I am the same way! I have a s****** lover who I visit as often as I can, the feeling of her inside me is beyond anything else!!

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