F****** my bro

Me and my brother has been f****** sentes I was 7 and he was 12 . I'm 24 now and I still love having him in me. We have a open relationship we date Uther people but always end up back with each other. A couple weeks ago I was getting ready to go on a date win my brother came in my room and kiss me. So I got in bed with him. He got on top of me and start paying with my kitty. My boyfriend called me and as soon as I answer the the phone my brother shove his d*** in me . I let out a loud Mone . My boyfriend asked if I was ok . I was trying to hold back my money but it was hard . I told him I was having really bad cramps and I had talken some meds and I would be ok for our date . Thin I felt my brother c****** in me we normally wint all the way like that I love having his seed in me but I had told him I wasn't on the pill . It was so hard not to just start cussing at but because of it but because I was on the phone I bit my lip . My brother keep going for round two . By the time I got off the phone my brother was about to c** again . I raped my legs around him and ask him if he forgot I'm not on the pill . He tried to remove his d*** for me . I used my leg to force him deeper in to me and said to him u have already came in me now finish it. He started f****** as hard as he could we finished together . Later that night I went on the date with my boyfriend he f***** me to it was so hot thinking of my boyfriend in my brothers c** in me

May 29, 2020

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  • Anyone want to share an incest video

  • Wish I had a real life incest vid to share

  • Live your life with no regrets, honey!!!

  • Oh for crying out loud, learn how to spell!! You shouldn't have stopped going to school after 4th grade. Please, before you write another horribly written story, get an education. Seriously, it will help you.

  • Dude this is a safe community we don't judge I spell bad when I want to hide something to disguise it

  • Me and my sister have a secret relationship. We meet up at least once or twice a month and get a room together. She’s is the sexiest girl I’ve ever been with and I love f****** her. She is very kinky and we do many crazy things together.

  • God, I'd love that kind of relationship with my sister!!

  • I would recommend sibling s** to everyone!! So hot

  • Agreed! I’m female, and as kids, my sister & I scissor-tribbed our wet p****** together, c****** all over each other. We did it for 6 years, I was 10-16, she was 13-19. It stopped when I was 16 only because I finally realized what we were doing wasn’t just masturbation, but was actual s**, was Lesbian s**, was Lesbian Incest! We’re both very straight. She saw it as masturbating ON me and with me. She didn’t see it as us f****** each other. I hump pillows and wish it was her wet s***** i was grinding on. I regret that I put a stop to our romps. We’re both busy married women now, but all my masturbatory fantasies go toward scissor-tribbing. It’s the best way to come ever! And I do have lots of Gay & Lesbian Incest fantasies, thinking brothers should ride each other’s bums often... I stray into K9 fantasy too, thinking a dog could f*** the brothers as well as the sisters, knotting with them all and depositing big loads into all of them... The creative mind is an amazing thing... Haven’t done anything perverse since the 6 years with my older sister when I was a kid, but my mind sure has!!! Sibling s** is hot! K9 probably is too...

  • Nice. Love it. Enjoy. And keep at it.

  • Lucky bro getting 7 yr old boip ussy and c ock

  • This story is super hot! wish you were my sis

  • Looking back at our younger age, I still want to go back in time and fondle my 10 yo sis bald puffy p**** as she stroked my c*** with her soft palm ... I used to spit on my fingers to stroke her slit till she writhe in pleasure and open her thighs for me to see glistening slit as I c** in her hand hard ...

  • Mine gave me a b****** once, she said she wanted to practice on me to learn how to give her boyfriend one. Wished I was him now, wanting those loving lips and wet tongue stroking me again.

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