Fuck the small hats!

Those sons of b****** control our media and the courts, and use 'em to s**** us hard working white folk by calling us racist, bigots for "discriminating" against those chinks, n******, gooks and spics while allowing them to go f*****'free for their damn crimes! Plus, they keep on pushing for these scum to go into white neighbourhoods to ultimately f*** it up! I'm old and getting tired of this s***, and I pray these SOBs get shot and burned to death before I see my majority white neighbourhood go to s***.



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  • I 'm white and I'm British.
    I'm so glad I'm not American and have to live in a country that has been racist in favour of the white skin colour for far too long.
    You white racist idiots need to stop you superior skin colour bullshit and acknowledge that skin colour is exactly that - a COLOUR !!
    All humans are born equal and it us only ignorant arrogant people like you that differentiate.
    Nasty b******.

  • Are you the Brit who is wearing your mothers knickers or are you the knickers and tights thief?

  • You're thinking of your boyfriends on this site. And they're so unsophisticated they don't even know what Jaffa cakes are, so it's a little alarming that you are so readily confused.

  • Just another nasty food you Britts eat. But which one are you. It seems all britts are toothless knicker wearing sniffing little girls knickers and wanting to have s ex with mommy

  • It seems that way to inferior creatures best suited for seeing underground

  • F*** you! Go have your head examined by a shrink as it looks like you have taken the Jew propaganda of "diversity" and "race equality" hook, line and sinker. That f**** up your common sense so bad, you are going to need professional help.

  • Aww, did the scary sensible person fwighten you, sweetheart? Listen to you yell and scream like you've been filled with spiders.

    Too bad you can't literally be. >:)

  • Ah, another hateful little liberal. Run along now, this is no place for manchildren to scream and vent about their die-verse view of society.

  • Unlike your toddler of a "president", I'm not running anywhere. Not to a bunker, not to a safe place, and certainly not away from a sad little stain like you. You are not worthy to lick my shoes.

  • Our President had no choice but to go to the bunker! The Secret Service made him go as they would have dragged him there. Thats their job to protect the President. You stupid skanky Knicker wearing Britt, Who wants to have s e x with mommy.

  • He "had no choice"? But I thought he was the president, and everybody did what he said! Actually the "very stable genius" was busy trying to make the riots be all about him somehow-- he does that, in case you haven't noticed-- and was underfoot. You stupid possum-eating meth-smoking trailer rat, who's HAD s e x with Sister/Mommy six times today?

  • You literally displayed why you are a bigot and a racist. Kill yourself.

  • Fuck you. Maybe you should kill yourself instead for believing their "diversity" bullcrap and their "everyone is equal" lie.

  • You are most certainly not equal to anyone with a basic education, for one thing :)

  • Oh really? Where is your proof libturd?

  • Hurr!! Hurr!! I'm triggered! Libturd!!

    Oh, I feel SO much better now that I've compulsively said "libturd". I think I'm ready for my Pop-Tarts now, Mommy...

  • Come on, say "libturd" six or seven more times! It totally does NOT make you sound even dumber than you really are!

  • Great to hear someone speak up for white people . I'd be proud to shake hands with you , anytime .

  • Thank you brother.

  • You have an appointment with a wood chipper... "brother". Watch your back.

  • Maybe you should be the one watching your back, cause s*** is gonna get real ugly soon.

  • Did you just now get that memo, f******? I'll say it again. Watch your back.

  • Racist arsehole.
    All humans are EQUAL regardless of their skin colour.
    I'm white , British and respect everybody.

  • Us Americans kicked your a$$ right back to England. And don't you forget that.

  • Don't talk to any other country about "forgetting", sport.

    Vietnam (a much smaller and poorer country that STILL whupped your a****)

  • You didn't whup us They wouldn't Let us kill all you slant eyed gooks. Try us now that is if your leader is up to it.

  • Wait. We have a leader? Best we've got there is some mentally ill used car salesman with a rich daddy.

  • Yeh a demented queen that all her dissented family is leaving the UK

  • No people are f****** equal. I mean why wouldn't they be because they have black skin. What does their skin have to do with it. Yea there are some black people who do bad things but not all are bad. White people do bad things too my rapist was white and Hates black people. Liberals aren't all bad some push their views on others which I agree should be forced to listen to what others think. But unless black people are continuing to assault you then there isn't a reason to hate them even then not every black person is bad. And I know a lot of southerners we get s*** on and called bigots. I'm from Tennessee I know it's hard to listen to that crap all the time it's sucks. No one wants to be discriminated against and I wish everyone could live happy together but that would happen for a long time if ever. I'm sorry you hate black people and people in general. I try to love every one until given a reason to not love them. Life is way too short to hate people live happy because black people are people and they aren't going into slavery. I'm 14 this is just my opinion which you don't have to agree with

  • Different races have different qualities.
    We're all people, although there are some who are too stupid to comprehend that one simple, basic fact.
    They'll start dropping F-bombs and threats any moment now, probably while sobbing uncontrollably.

  • Sometimes, for variety, they'll sprinkle the words "hateful" and "libturd" around randomly. I think they like the sounds those words make.

  • Ever notice that's how these cognitive back-births operate? They're either snarling threats or sobbing like their puppy died, nothing in between. Toddlers on the hoof, the lot of them!! And we need to bring back spanking.

  • Equal you say? Not all races are equal stupid. Whites invented almost everything useful in modern society, be it the telephone, airplane or even the diesel engine, but what have the other races done so far? Niggers contribute nothing to society except their muh-d***, looting of stores and general chimping out like the savages they are(look at Minnesota). The spics only know how to cross the border illegally, come here and s*** out their anchor babies to get their green card, and bring their f****** cartel members here to sell drugs while killing whites in those towns they settle in, through their gang wars. The chinks and gooks only know how to copy stuff we invented and try to pass it off as their own by "improving" it and they eat mystery meat from their wet markets which, if you are unaware of, caused the current Covid-19 situation. So what is there to say about equality, eh?

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