I saw him nude in shower

I was at a campground last summer in New Jersey shore, and the second night there I went to the shower house to get a shower . It was about 1 am and figured it was to be empty . I went in got undressed and went in . About 3 minute later this 18or 19 yr old comes in and goes to the shower 6 showers down to my left. Im on the last one this side , he's on the last on the other side.
I kept looking at his tight body , discreetly i thought . Let me say I was 30, bi curious only . As i kept looking i noticed he was showering sideways ,with his front toward me , like discretely giving me a show , but not . He washed his hair , conditioned , all facing in my direction to look . He had a shaved private area or little hair , it was a fantastic sight to see . Then he turned to the front wall , rinsed forever, then turned the other way showing his cute little tight ass . mmm . Now in getting hard and had to stop, so i walked into the other room and dried and started to get dressed . Here comes this hot nude wet figure again and once again starts drying his head while facing my direction . his c*** swinging side to side . Then he put his head up and noticed i was looking and he says what up ? I just smiled and said " not too much " .
He stood there naked , put his deodorant on , brushed his hair then started getting dressed , the whole time facing my direction giving me one last look .
I left , then he left and I never saw him again those two weeks I spent there .Ive jerked off to the memory of it a million times and always thought.. What if I ?

May 30, 2020

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  • Took my first load at 14 teen in the shower from a older man meet his two day later took me to his caravan and f*** me spent all my day time with him eat holiday ever

  • Hope he filled yourcunt real good

  • Would of been nice to take his hot creamy young load.

  • F**.

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