I did it f****** 3 more mouths on lock down I did my dog.

I had s** with my dog my bf is a cross LA f*** it hurt I let dry hump me and lick me out pretty much every day.

May 31, 2020

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  • I’ve never had a pet lick me.

    But I’d love for my cat to lick my kitty. How can I get him to lick my p****?

  • My b**** dog licks my c*** until I c**, it's fantastic.

  • How do hide the c** ????

  • My mom is back at omg he just gets me is like all the time now but how do hidden the c**

  • I'm a guy, I put dog treats up my ass, bend over and let the door lick my butt like crazy whole I w*** off. Crazy o******.

  • Yeah it hurt and short and my bf left 4 college and will well that it

  • Nice. I enjoy k9 too. I have since I was a little girl.

  • I've been doing this on and off since I was 16, now 27. Since lockdown alone all the time. Been at it at least twice a day.

    The last month I'm naked all the time, my dog, understands naked equals s**. He trying to mount me constantly. I'm letting him take me when he wants. I c** so hard, better than with men.

  • OMG, I cant do what u do but a night he get me

  • But like it hurts and short and I have to be quiet at night I do get wet when i go to bed but i have a bf and feel terrible

  • So dump your bf.

  • I love to let my dog lick my c*** until i c**, feels great! And I don't need tissues, my dog just licks it all up!

  • Right and b******* OMG

  • So, I wanted to this before I feel guilty but can't and I was happy my bf is going off to college i don't want to be a bad person he's going to drop me any ways.

  • I did it and it fcking hurt, LOL and short

  • In my lockdown situation I do f*** my dog whenever get h****. Earlier it was a monthly affair but now at home, when I am h**** my sweet hunky dog nuzzles me crotch area sensing my sexy smell, may be!!

  • How do they know when ur wet ????

  • They do not really care when they get h****, they just want to mount.

  • There is so much c**

  • Mmm mmm yes, I would love to pick it out of you

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