I have fantasies about being raped

So I am a weirdo I know this common but I want to be raped on highway or truck-stop-stop bathroom. Why?

May 31, 2020

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  • All but one woman I've dated as confessed to having a rape fantasy. The ONE that didn't had a biting and burning fixation. She seriously liked getting bitten or scalded or she wasn't happy. In other words, I think you are normal.

  • I was raped b4 3 times

  • I’m the same way I want to be raped so hard

  • Right I get wet

  • How old were you when the fantasies started?

  • College I think because my mom's bf molested me

  • Rape is my oldest fantasy. I don't even remember when it started.

  • My s k y p e is annie price 123

  • I was raped b4

  • It is a common fantasy to be raped or dominated especially in Japan or China.

  • Cool i have fantasies about raping people! Lol we would get along perfectly

  • I was raped b4 My s k y p e is annie price 123

  • Shut up b¡tch you're property

  • Work on your sentence formation first and then start posting BS you #sickfuck

  • Its called grammar a****** #fuckoff

  • B***** attention seeker dumbass weirdo

  • Me too

  • My girlfriend confessed she fantasised about being raped. No way was I going to admit to her that raping someone turned me on. I offered to take her by surprise one day and force s** on her. So far she has declined.

  • I guess you need to talk and a safe word this guy went 4 ever about this

  • No safe word. We did talk about that and for it's like for just a bit she wants to be totally out of her own control. But I acknowledge that the norm atm is to have a safe word.

  • You deserve to be raped you s1ut! I will make you my personal slave okay?

  • My s k y p e is annie price 123

  • No i was raped b4

  • Stfu and f*** your mom

  • Gena what the h ell is fuckking wrong with u

  • I live gena just there way she is!

  • ^gena wrote this, and can't spell^

  • Well u c i really need attention and i'm mentally ill and kind of stupid on top of thatttttt so hehe let's party, ain't i cool???????? and not unstable at allllllll lol hey hey hey ur not paying attn 2 meeeee lolololol

  • Let me speak to your dad give me his number

  • Posts such as this are an insult to innocent victims that have gone through the h*** of being raped

  • No, it's is a common fantasy! the excitement and the thrill of giving up control is a huge turn on.
    Actually being rapped is a crime and horrible because the female didn't want it.
    To make a blanket statement like what you said is just as insensitive to poor gena !
    There are ways gena to fulfill your fantasy...;)

  • Like sorry but I was in cheer and pretty much every one of my team was molested or raped i went to to counselling site all like it molested not raped

  • Nothing wrong if she wants her little tightpussy touched and licked but not force

  • I disagree. As soon as a topic is not allowed to be talked about then abuse begins.

  • Idiot. The topic is allowed, it just ought to only be discussed by people with actual living brain matter. This disqualifies OP.

  • Which is why I actively wish the worst case scenario on them, and not the kind they say they want

  • Wow hope this helps but I still think about it whatever I 'm just messed up & no dad or drunk s*** mom a post wanting to be raped.

    well to be honest kids who dont have parents dont get alot of attention like they need when they r younger which causes them to be very sexual and in need for attention in order to stop this need i suggest u see a phsyciatrist and find a good hobby or sport to keep ur mind off of that and when u r not doing any thing call a friend and go out and have fun it is just a stage.

  • You need help bcuz you are losing it

  • Losing? Lost. Any sanity or class this attention wh0re ever had is deeeeeeeep in the rearview now.

  • Pretty f****** much honestly

  • I would love to have a partner or a play partner to do this. I have never and would never rape someone without their agreement.

    I imagine a situation where we have met somehow so I know who she is. But then at a time and place that she is not expecting, that I would jump her and fight her and then rape her.

  • Normal

  • I too kinda want to be raped. Just the idea of it gets me off. Although I imagine the actual thing wouldn’t be that good, just the aggression is so hot...

  • Try Glory Holes it takes away for but replaced it LOL

  • I found this guess I need help, Lol there is a lot of posts and made me feel better an letting old guys use me,

    a post, Ever since I was a teen, I have always wanted to be raped, abused and used as an object for random men's satisfaction, I don't care if it's someone I know or a complete stranger, I just want to be a toy to them. I've told my closest friends, and they say I need help. I'm considering getting help,

  • OMG, thx just been changing and not the only one when I get real h**** I can lay thinking and well and old guys online gross lol i am total weirdo

  • Because your kind of simpleminded and need drama,,DUH

  • Because your not simple minded? learn how to use an ellipses c***...

  • *you're

  • Called it on this weird b**** for sure!

  • Please tell me you a female...cuz i want to rape i don’t want s** there is no fun. I want to RAPE so much fun in forcing and licking some one like a animal. I will punch you beat you fuckk you in your tiny little a ss not just one time you would be used and abused by me for the rest of the life. Please feel free to reach out as we can help each other

  • I was raped b4 My s k y p e is annie price 123

  • Like this may sounds fcked but sounds like ur for real I learn to take a pouch but he takes me down by my hair now

  • My ex gf and I had this thing going that was exciting for both of us. No punching but surprise forced s**. Couple of ways this would happen. One was like date rape and that was we might be just watching Netflix on the couch together and I would grab her and roll onto the floor and push in. More extreme, I would drive round to her house and break in and sneak up on her and effectively rape her. It was a kind of love hate thing for her. She said she used to get off thinking about being raped and would use her vibrator to c** but she actually hated it when I did it. So we did talk about it a fair bit and she said it was kind of freaky fun for it to happen.

  • So I grew up in NOLA, CA and MI just thought i was a freak :(

  • I am glad you taught her a lesson for being so hot

  • Lol, I' grl and NO I just think about

  • But why ????

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