So I have been sick ER sick nurses they are h****.

So, I like guys but I was a post and been to the ER a lot I like guys but now I am confused. had a PA press them and taking blood my hand between their legs. Confused it made me feel good and I didn't tell so at happened more ????



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  • Fck i am a grl read

  • No your not a girl and nor are you black! As your poor post that was to look like a black person wrote it. Get a life no life

  • Go get a job loser, lol

  • Got a job going after losers like you dude

  • I didn't post to get any one into terrible it was just wow i liked it and u should know when to cross ur legs or know that wasn't a touch

  • No new confessions for ages. I need another addiction.

  • Like a nurse moved me a different level and one on tv with cam nothing, she saved my life

  • I let older men touch my ass while at work

  • So many times lucky i am not bad person giving ur food never under stood that, so i know what happened i was freaked i liked it all is good

  • My wife is a nurse and when men have a h****** they are taught to flick it.

  • Dumb fck

  • I'm a grl and I know what happened I just can't get it out my mind I always started it before and if u been in ER or ICU i guess they forget u can here the and may want to talk to our wife LOL


  • I have been going online a lot now rando chat this old prev guy said don't confuse love with s** then i let him get me, but remember that i don't like grls but liked her caring for me :(

  • So, how many guys have u hugged and have their hand go over butt, and yeah feel bad now guys.

  • Really no one i know and every grl knows if touching is wrong or not ?????

  • Depends, if they want to be touched I see no isue

  • Yeah I like guys just how much i liked it

  • If you like it then nothing wrong with having that p ussy felt up

  • Oh, i like guys they pressed on my hand it's all good

  • So, they work 12 hours and a doctor by a less than 12 minutes messed up

  • And i never seen wearing white CALLING BS .

  • As a f****** fetishist, I spent a couple of months incapacitated in hospital. Some painful memories like getting needles stuck in my arms to draw blood for tests every day. Some fun memories like being washed, totally naked, by a nurse in her white functional uniform. Also being given a suppository enema.

  • Yeah, they don't wear white , LOL

  • Will I just did some messed up things, i froze and let happen like wow and they did more can't get out of my mind ??????

  • Yeah, no details prevs


  • Maybe some Lithium too. OP is a trainwreck!

  • No nurses in the US wears white p***** off and know
    what happened to me I was just confused and like u would not say anything. no

  • Mental midget with no idea how to communicate

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