I had s** with another guy and it was awesome

I am a straight dude(possibly bi) but had s** with another dude. It was the most passionate and intense s** ever.

My luck with women is horrible. They only want me to provide for them but I'm never relationship material. I got so h**** that I just wanted my d**k sucked and to get off. My area has a LGBT population so I downloaded Grindr and met a dude. I explained to him that I am straight & just want to get off. He was happy and said he always wanted a straight dude. I usually have no attraction to dudes but I did find him cute cause I was so h****. He sucked my d**k and it was better than what any woman could do. I got off and the o***** was very intense. I was still h**** though. I asked him if I could try sucking him off. He was cool with it. It wasen't that bad. I thought the taste of c*** would make me gag but it tasted just like I was sucking on my finger. He told me that I was pretty good at it for my first time. It takes a man to please a man. My hornyness was through the roof and I never thought I'd say these words to another guy. I asked him if he wanted to pound me. He did and it was amazing. After being pounding for a little bit, I thought I had to pee. He told me that was normal and I was about to c**. I didn't understand then but now I do. I had my first prostate o*****. If more straight guys knew how awesome it was then they wouldn't put up with the nagging and demands of women. I came so much even though I just got off not too long before. He came and I just laid there in total bliss. Total exhaustion and just total peace. We laid there and just cuddled. This might be a regular thing now. I use to think I was 100% straight but now I think I am bisexual but more gay. Now when I think of s** or want it, I want a guy. I still check out women and Im very attracted to them but they just don't do much for me anymore in the s** department.


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  • I'm straight but want to get ass f***** hard by a guy.

  • Yes when you stimulate your prostate u really c** hard. I love when my gf pegs my ass. I’m straight but curious and would love to try a real c*** in my ass too.

  • I want that too!!!!

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