First o*****

I was at my friends house and was young. My organs were maybe near full size then, even i was surprised at how big my b**** got. My friends mother was home alone, my friend went to his dads house for the weekend. I knocked on the door and his mom invited me in. She explained that my friend was gone. I started to leave and she said, no stay and spend some time with me. She was a knockout, man i mean built. So she asked me if i had a girl friend and i said no and told her i did not know what to do with girls. She said, let me teach you some things. I said ok, eagerly. She sat me on the couch and sat beside me and said relax. She put her hand on my crotch and my c*** grew instantly. She laughed and said, you are going to blow fast the first time. I wondered what she meant. She led me with my b**** to her bedroom, now i was scared. She sat on the bed and unzipped my pants and dropped them. My c*** was straight out. I almost lost it when she cupped my b**** and gently rolled them. She explained about o****** and sperm shooting out. She said a lot will come out the first time and i want it. Did not know what she meant. Suddenly she sucked my c*** into her mouth and gripped my b**** hard, i felt pain roll into my belly as she held a nut in each hand and squeezed. I started coming instantly. A huge o***** rolled though my whole body and I was so glad she squeezed my b****. I felt bursts of joy shoot through my b**** and my whole body repeatedly and i saw white stuff roll out of her mouth as she gulped it down. She finished and then laughed and said, oh my god you were backed up. She made me come about four more times within two hours or so. I was blind with passion and intense o****** as my b**** ached when i left. I could not believe what she did to me. She taught me what to do to girls to make them o***** and i made her o***** so many times over the years as i grew up. It was great to drive girls crazy when i got them alone, they lost their minds and were so surprised at what i could do to them, i got real popular.

Jun 4, 2020

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  • First first was interesting. I went to my friend's house after school, he was not there. Her mom asked me if a want a coke before leaving. I said yes, please, and followed her to the living-c**-kitchen area and made myself comfortable on a sofa. Suddenly I saw her back while she bent down to open the fridge to take out the coke - her thong set tight between her ass cheeks. She returned and saw me blushing. She caught my red face and asked what has happened. I looked up to her face to find an answer but saw her deep cleavage. I had a b**** struggling to get release from my short! I tried to hide it by placing my coke on it but she removed my hand and placed her hand on the my hard-on. Suddenly, she asked me f I had seen any woman's body. I said, no excepting in some p*** things. While we are talking she opened the buttons of her blouse. Wow! sprang out her ample pair of b**** - smooth, shiny with little sag. I asked her if I could touch them, yes, came the reply. I touched them, fondled them lightly and she came closer to me held her one t** to my mouth to suck on. All the while she was stroking my c***. Within a few minutes I came in gushes. She handed me same tissues and showed me the way to the bathroom. YES! that was the starting point. For the next couple of years she was my s** teacher and partner.... A mature woman is the best in sexuality and eroticism!!

  • So hot! I'm so jealous!

  • Lucky lady. I love helping boys become men.

    It’s amazing. It’s great being their first it’s even better when they come back from college with stories they share and then f*** your brains out.

    I’ve even seen a couple of my boys get married. One of them came by my house the night before his wedding and said he needed to “practice”. We almost missed his wedding as it was at 11:00 am the next day. I left him with a couple of hickies on his c***. Don’t think his new wife even noticed. LOL

  • Nics I also want to be part of those boys

  • I had wet dreams through my teenage years. I didn't m********* until I was at college.

  • Wow!! for me, this neighboring single woman aged 32, taught me what was all about a woman's body. I was in my late tens and as too eager to know about woman and s**. She taught me how to suck and fondle t*** and play with p**** lips and to suck them. We never had intercourse but mastutbated a lot together!!

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