Jerking with my friends girls panties

I broke up with my Girlfriend right before covid hit and as a result I have been sexless for months. I honestly got tired of looking at p*** and stopped masturbating for a month. Just recently I was invited over my friends house as he just opened his pool. His fiancée was over there to go swimming as well. She is really hot. Anyways she goes back in a bedroom to change and comes out in her bikini. After being around here and her butt and b**** jiggling around the pool worked my up into a h**** frenzy. I walked in to use the restroom. When done I went into the room finding her jean shorts on the floor with a pair of black cotton panties in them. I picked them up and smelled them, smelling her scents. Her p**** smelled great and gave me an instant b****. I just kept smelling her p**** and gave my d*** a few tugs and accidentally blew a load all over her shorts.

Jun 4, 2020

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  • I use my Niece's all the time.

  • How old?

  • She”s 12. She got her first period at 10 if I remember, so she has that beautiful sweet tennie smell to her pvssy. So she is truly perfect. I’m lucky that they keep the laundry hamper in the bathroom, they live nearby so I can stop in any time and trade the old pair for a fresh pair. Their house is like a 7-11 for teen pvssy sniffing!

  • Oh gawd Lucky......

  • I use my nieces

  • Awesome

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