The other day I had a few fiends over playing poker and my oldest daughter 12, who was wearing bootie shorts started hanging around the table. I started to notice my friends checking out her ass. O was surprised to realize I enjoyed it. She sat on a few of my friends laps and I stated to think she was doing it on purpose. Then my youngest came in, 10 and I started to notice them looking at her. I didn't mind. I actually enjoyed it and started to think very dirty thought of watching the two of them with my friends. Frankly i'm kind of sorry I hadn't noticed before now. I look forward to showing them off some more.



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  • F****** propagandist promoting bs

  • The next time your friends are over have your girls come in with some beer for them...but make sure they are dressed in skirts short short they ride only
    two inches below their p******...and have the girls wear no panties. ON top..
    put them in tee shirts or blouses so sheer that the young n****** show clearly through the material. Have them tongue kiss each guy hello. then see what happens and allow whatever your buddies want.

  • It would be interesting theyy both dropped to their knees and were surrounded y hard c****.

  • So would I as the

  • Will you give it you sickFucking pedos die die already

  • As you said the 12 yo sitting in their laps ,probably feel their c*** against her butt and girls that age get turned on easy,bet her little panties were wet

  • I hope they both feel their c**** when they sit on them. I actually love the idea of watching my oldest with 3 c**** while my youngest sucks the rest getting them ready for her older sister.

  • Best age for girls 9-12 just as they in pubity breast buds and start of pubic hair.


  • So hot!!

  • Why would you let your friends eye up your daughters? I'd be well jealous!

  • Because I enjoy seeing them getting attention from men.

  • Because I enjoy seeing them get attention from men.

  • I'd keep my daughter all to myself

  • I just love the idea of watching them being whores and enjoy lots of c**** like mom.

  • How old is she?

  • You are sickfucking pedos stop

  • What age do you like?

  • Any under10?

  • 10 and 12

  • What do you expect when you invite fiends to visit ?

  • I enjot it. I'm glad they look.

  • That's just the right age girls get h**** at that age and have started masturbating and want to go that bit further especially the 12 yo she probably needs f****** now and the 10yo licking out and masturbated by someone else .let me know what happens

  • I do love showing them off. and I do love thet thought of them wit groups of men.

  • Fuckoff sickfucking pedos just hurry up and die.

  • Love to take the 10 yr old

  • What would you do to her? Do you have friends to help?

  • DP her in uniform kholes hammered

  • I no it’s not right but I was at my sisters when it was hot. In the garden and her 10 year old daughter was laying on the grass in knickers and a little vest top I found my self looking omg.

  • So you'd DP my 10 year old in from of me?

  • Yes

  • Could you bring friends to help?

  • Stupid sickfucking pedo die die

  • And me best age

  • This just sounds so made up

  • Any updates?

  • Yes you are a sickfucking pedo.

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