L want to f*** Georgia

My girlfriend Sarah has a h**** blonde friend called George.
She is 26 tears old.
I am am 39.
I innocently mentioned in conversation to George as she likes to be known that I hate the current trend of girls shaving , that I hate bald fannys.
George replied
" I my natural colour is darker .
I just trim mine a bit."
I then said
" I guessed your pubes were darker like your eyebrows '.
That was yesterday.

Today when George arrived home from work I was as alone in bedroom decorating it for her when she arrived home from work.
"Out," she said
" I want to get changed '".
I replied ' You've got knickers on haven't you ?, what:s the problem "".
George replied 'OK', and took her trousers off.
I could see her posh knickers knowing that they covered her hairy f****.
She left the room having put her jeans on .
A short while later she called out from the toilet around the corner saying
" Steve my daughter ( aged two ) has opened the door,, don't come round here , you'll see everything between my legs:" I Just - said " OK" and and stayed where I was.
I had to w*** thinking about George legs open, hairy c*** on the toilet just a few feet away.
I've got go see her c***
I want to f*** her.
I've got a permanent h****** for my girlfriend 's best mate.
I don't know what to do.

Jun 8, 2020

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  • You mad. She practically invited you yo go look at her sitting on the loo with her legs open. Her f**** would have been aching for you to see it.

  • So true. You should have looked. She wants you to look.

  • I have been considering being direct and just saying to Georgia :
    " George I want to see your f**** , can I have a look ? " and see what she says.
    I'm guessing she has a carpet of curly pubes between her legs

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