Dress s****?

Lost my AirPods so went into the hamper thinking I left them in my pants pocket.
Felt something slimy on my wife’s dress. Upon closer inspection it looked like s**** honestly.
Don’t know what to make of it, I’m hoping it’s some sort of sauce but no way to tell for sure?
Anyway it’s bothering me, as I want to rule out s****.

Jun 8, 2020

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  • My ex wife use to cheat on me. I would often find her panties placed in the hamper and would check them after her being out for the evening with friends. I can't tell you how many times she had fun stains in her panties and they smelled of s**. At first, I got upset, p*****, even hurt, but almost just as fast, I found that I was getting a bit aroused and imagined another man or men tucking her push hard and Cummings in her. I imagined another man, men, or even other women rubbing and sucking on her c*** and longer than normal l**** and my d*** got rock hard. I found myself sniffing and even licking the fun filled areA of her panties as I jerked off. I actually got to the point that I rather looked forward to her going out. One night and even took her vibrator with her, obviously that we an evening with another woman I would say. When she can home that night, she had the normal p**** stains in the crotch of her panties except an over abundance of it. Oh did I ever enjoy sucking on those panties that time.

  • My girlfriend cheated on me. Although I was upset, I shocked myself by getting turned on. Now the idea just excites me!

  • You should have tasted it! :)

  • Its totally s****...

  • Get a black light

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