N***** lives don't matter

Especially when they start looting stores and terrorizing innocents in the wake of the Minneapolis incident, and just use the opportunity to chimp out for "justice" in the name of one of their fellow apes "killed" by the cops!

Jun 9, 2020

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  • I think you actually mean good badly treated people protesting in the only way they can because one of their own was killed by white racist bullyboys supported by a thug of a president Donald Trump.
    White Americans must must learn to respect their coloured countrymen.
    There is no reason for racism and no place for racism in society.
    I have always thought Americans were a bunch of boneheads and I'm being proved correct.

  • True

  • White people looting too

  • Hey you people please leave OP alone he is undergoing treatment so lets be gentle to him... to OP , yes sir you please carry on with your s***

  • It's boring now. We get it, you're racist. You like what you like and hate anything different. It's not shocking when a racist is racist, when they say something racist or do something racist. It's blah.

    What would be shocking: an intelligent person getting on with their lives and not being swayed or controlled by the media, their parents or the internet. Now that would be shocking!

  • Happens more often than you'd think. But you'll never know, because it's the idiots who do the exact opposite of all that who are always mouthing off and drawing attention to themselves. Intelligent people just... well, get on with their lives.

  • I'm white and British and I respect black people

    You are a racist idiot who causes problems in your country by your attitude.

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