Nigger lives don't matter

Especially when they start looting stores and terrorizing innocents in the wake of the Minneapolis incident, and just use the opportunity to chimp out for "justice" in the name of one of their fellow apes "killed" by the cops!



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  • I think you actually mean good badly treated people protesting in the only way they can because one of their own was killed by white racist bullyboys supported by a thug of a president Donald Trump.
    White Americans must must learn to respect their coloured countrymen.
    There is no reason for racism and no place for racism in society.
    I have always thought Americans were a bunch of boneheads and I'm being proved correct.

  • Shut up youfucking Britt. This problem has been going on long before Trump. Do you know about the 1992 LA riots.

  • Yes but Trump doesn't help.
    Trump loves only himself.
    It's about time you racist white tanks accepted that all people are equal and treated people of all skin colours equally, then your problems would cease.
    Are you going to tell me that no white people commit crimes ?

  • No every race commits crime. But the African American society has the highest crime and murder rates. And what about Obama we had for eight years. What did he do to fight racism among his race. A big fat nothing thats what!

  • True

  • Blacks in America have the highest crime rate for their race and black on black murders are through the roof. All the Black people that have been killed by the police have one more thing in common, They all resisted arrest. The latest one was pasted out in the drive thru lane at Wendy's. The officer had to bang on the glass a few times and shook him to wake up. They had him park the car and then did field sobriety test and breathalyzer test both of which he failed. All was fine till they tried to arrest him and put handcuffs on him. Then he went nuts fighting and punching the police. He was tased to no effect. Then he took a taser off one cop and started to run away with it and turned back to fire it at chasing officer. The officer had no choice but to shoot him to stop him. Had he tased the cop he could then get the firearm off him as the cop would be immobilized from the taser. Since he was running from the scene with a taser he could have used it on a citizen to carjack a ride. Tasers are less lethal weapons but can cause death. The sad thing is with Coronavirus going one he would have been transported down to the station and if he submitted to a legal breathalyzer or blood draw test. Then he would have been released in a few hours depending his level of intoxication. As it is cite and release because of the virus. He lost his life doing what he did all because of a lousy DUI or DWI!

  • Those are facts 100% true facts look them up. Watch the two main video's and see the facts are true. If you are being placed under arrest you don't fight it. That will only rack up more charges and in this case death.

  • You need therapy

  • I understand completely what you say and mostly agree with you except (1) the officers could have shot to temporarily disable, they didn't need to execute the man and
    (2) If the majority if crime is being committed by coloured people in one area or indeed the entire country, that is probably because they are made to feel like second class citizens by white people with the notion that white people are superior .
    The superior race attitude didn't work for Adolf Hitler the Nazis and it's not going to work now ir

  • The police are trained that when they use their firearm to aim for the center mass of a human. There is for two reasons that, one is thats the fastest way to stop a bad guy. And the second is because of the size and thickness of the mass they are less likely to miss and have the bullet to pass thru the bad guy. A bullet has no eyes it could strike an innocent person. If they shot his leg he still could have died from bleeding out as a femoral artery hit would kill him in a few minutes.

    A lot of African American's have grown up to hate the police and not too corporate with them. They have coined the words that Snitches get stitches. If is a sad fact they are among the poorest in the country. I can understand that they have to make money anyway they can. Without condoning drugs a lot of them deal them. But some resort to committing higher crimes on themselves and on the surrounding communities. And when I mean themselves they form gangs and fight and kill each other more than any other group of people. A colored man travels a long distance to visit his mother and decides to go for a walk. He was shot dead by a gang just because he was wearing the wrong color shirt. He had no idea about that. They have pulled guns and have killed because someone was eyeing them and got killed. One guy ripped off a gang member and the gang member and his friends went looking for him. They found someone that hangs out with the thief and they shot and killed him. He wasn't with the thief when he stole money they just known that he knew him. These are just a few there is unfortunately many more. Both side have to wake up to stop this.

  • Yes . Both sides need to learn to TALK to each other.
    I'm so glad that in Britain nobody carries a gun, highly trained police units when called to assist regular officers are trained to wound and to kill ONLY when life is under an immediate threat.
    I'm so glad I don't live in America.

  • Criminals in Britain have used guns here is your own stats on gun crimes.
    The 2.35 thousand Gun Crime offences recorded in London 2018/19 was the fifth-highest year for this type of crime after 2010/11. Compared with the previous year there were 180 fewer gun offenses in 2018/19, but this is still far higher than the 1.79 thousand reported just three years earlier in 2015/16.

    Knife crimes far more prevalent
    The United Kingdom has some of the strictest gun laws in the world, resulting in relatively low levels of gun crime when compared to offences committed with knives or other sharp objects. The reporting year 2018/19 saw over 14.8 thousand knife crime offenses committed in London, a peak for the period after 2010/11
    Granted the gun crimes are way less in the UK than in America but as long as criminals have guns, us law abiding citizens will own them too.

  • White people looting too

  • Hey you people please leave OP alone he is undergoing treatment so lets be gentle to him... to OP , yes sir you please carry on with your s***

  • It's boring now. We get it, you're racist. You like what you like and hate anything different. It's not shocking when a racist is racist, when they say something racist or do something racist. It's blah.

    What would be shocking: an intelligent person getting on with their lives and not being swayed or controlled by the media, their parents or the internet. Now that would be shocking!

  • Happens more often than you'd think. But you'll never know, because it's the idiots who do the exact opposite of all that who are always mouthing off and drawing attention to themselves. Intelligent people just... well, get on with their lives.

  • I'm white and British and I respect black people

    You are a racist idiot who causes problems in your country by your attitude.

  • I'm sick of you writing I'm white and British who the heck cares who you are. Go take off you knickers.

  • I have neither the crayons nor the time to try and make you understand you thick white American idiot.
    What the f*** is wrong with you people ?
    All humans are equal and deserve respect.
    Come to the United Kingdom with your attitude and you'll find yourself in prison.

  • I don't have an attitude I don't announce "I'm white and American And I respect black people". I have friends of all kinds except British! Will you stop announcing that way. Because truth be told when white people state they are not racist when in fact they have racist traits. And since there Are more confessions with Knickers and sniffing them well I think it is you.

  • Think what you will.
    Why you accuse me of perverse things I'll never know. I can only deny an activity that is odd but not illegal.
    That's not important presently and not the topic currently being discussed.
    I know I'm not the only British person on this website for strange people , and now I'm including both you in that category otherwise we wouldn't be having this discussion.
    I'm pleased we agree that all skin colours, races and religions need to be respected.
    That is progress
    I hope that one day all Americans will agree with us on that subject.
    I'll agree that many people have some racist traits for their own personal selfish reasons and I'm including all skin colours.
    I'm claiming that British people are perfect but we definitely are more respectful and more tolerant.

  • I'm claiming that British people are perfect but we definitely are more respectful and more tolerant.
    And thats why you have 100 times more terroristic acts happing then us in the UK because you are more respectful and more tolerant. Sorry about the knickers post but as you have all the same problems as we do stop denying it.

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