Smelly p******

I am happily married, but i would love to eat a smelly p**** and ass, perhaps unwashed for a few days. I love the way my wife smells when she has worked out but she always gets washed before i can get near her. I’d love to be face f***** by a sweaty wet p****, the thought of it gets me so hard.

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  • Yes! Always benefit from a warm day of yardwork. The wife , weeding, raking, planting usually in a pair of short shorts, yoga pants or sundress. Breaking a sweat all over and mentioning how warm she is .. Once finished she requests me to peel her sweat wet satin little panties off , wich I devour and enjoy.

  • Wtf are you doing than just ask her . wait till right after she works out and ask if you can help her get a little more's your open with her. Love her

  • I have. She isn’t comfortable with it and I’m cool with that if it’s not her thing. Just confessing that I would love to!

  • I lived with my aunt for a couple of months,while I worked away.they had a daughter 13. both parents worked and when I was getting home from night shift they were on their way to work.when I was going up to bed my cousin called me so I opened her bedroom door she looked so sexy in that bed could feel my c*** getting hard,she asked if I'd get her a drink,I went back up with drink and she smiled at me,I knew what she wanted next thing I was getting into her bed ,she said I've wanted you to do this before,she smelt gorgeous musky p**** smell I kissed her with the tongue she held onto me I took her little white panties off and started tonguing her c*** and bum she loved it and was soaking by now I loved the spunky smell of her c*** and a*** ,she whispered please f*** c*** was throbbing by now I asked her to suck it she put her wet lips around my c*** and sucked it was heaven ,next thing I started entering her tight virgin c*** it went in pretty easy she told me she masturbated a lot once it was in her she started bucking her a*** to get me right up her,I didn't take long before I was shooting a huge load into her and she was groaning in her o*****,I pulled out of her and we had a 69 cleaning each other.

  • I love the smell of my wifes hot a ss after she has had skin tight pants on all day.

  • Even I love taking women from behind it appears so hot and soft. I start with kissing and sucking their butt chicks and then my tongue goes from their butt hole to pink. It creates lot of sensation in them as a result they want to turn around and take me in but I always tie their hand and enjoy my moments with butts

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