YOU ABSOLUTE PRIVILAGED A*******! you seriously f****** want to defund police ? why ? because your f****** feelings got hurt ... because a CRIMINAL DIED ... because 1 f****** cop f***** up.

YOU ABSOLUTE DEGENERATES! i hope they do abolish the police IN YOUR F****** AREA

im talking about you Ocasio cortez! im talking about you illhan umar! im talking about you PELOSI im talking about you BIDEN! im talking about you BLM protestors!

to the men and women that have DEDICATED THEIR LIVES to protecting the citizens of their communities!

THANK YOU ... i am SORRY that these absolute degenerates! that should have their rights striped away from them! have a say.

i know its hard right now! i know a few of you are f****** up more because its stressfull as s*** for cops right now. but i dont want you gone i want to be able to call you up and have you help me! like you have been TRAINED TO DO!

for those that are looting in the streets go take a Long barbed wire coated shaft and shove it so far up your ass that you taste the s*** that your spewing out of your mouths. you dont deserve the men and women in blue! ... you dont deserve what you have you ingrate full shitstains!

Jun 10, 2020

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  • "I'm a MAGAt who's still crying that my orange god isn't president anymore!!!"

    Shut up and die of Covid, you waste of flesh.

  • But cody wants to fuc k blaine’s mom god she is hot

  • Why dont you eat a 12 gauge and suck your own d*** r***** no criminal died the man had no criminal record so shut the f*** up fore I find you and kill you myself

  • The "gentle giant" George Floyd had a long rap sheet. The biggest is a robbery with gun home invasion which he did 5 years prison time. He also has drug charges and other assault charges.

    But now the media won't report any of that! Because all black people have suddenly become innocent angels in the media. Any media person so much as slights a black person will result in him/her being suspended or even being fired. Even Wikipedia's entry on George Floyd does not reference Floyd's lengthy criminal past.

  • He held a gun to a pregnant womens stomach too

  • I was expelled from school stripped of my 2021 scholarship to a art school in Aus and all because I was framed at school for saying I hate black people's accents... I hate that I'm 100% innocent and at the hearing I had no say

  • You are right. They will not report that. Now how does this feel. Not good huh

  • Hey dumb$hit, we agree on that. The point is that you can be p***** off that the news doesn't report that and tries so hard to make every black person an angel and still not be a MAGAT. People are too used to thinking in black and white, and I mean that in more than one way.

  • YES. Racism is a huge problem and needs to be dealt with, but pretending the other side is made up completely of victims and angels is just as bad as the KKK. No progress will be made until the stupids on BOTH SIDES shut up.

  • A black criminal shot dead in Atlanta . I watched the video . Great stuff . 3 cheers for those police officers and more of the same , please .

  • You neighborhood are so not special. Give it a rest. You don't have power anymore!!

  • He did have a criminal record but he didn't deserve to die. The original poster is probably not going to shut the "f" up so don't make threats like that. He has the right to say what he wants.

  • You white people have criminal records

  • I agree . Yes some white people have criminal records as do some people of ALL skin colours. For the umpteenth time skin colour means absolutely nothing.

  • Come up with an intelligent retort or shut up. You sound like a two year old.

  • N****** belong in the jungle , nowhere else .

  • Racist w*****.
    On what do you base that stupid remark ?

  • That's true, that kind does the exact opposite of STFUing. And that person has just as much of a right to make threats as OP does to say what he wants, so get over it!! Take that double-standard horseshit somewhere else.

  • What is horse shyt. Please tell me

  • Google is your friend

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