S** with 8yr sister (im 12)

Okay im 12 years old and my sister is 8. Me and her were walking around in the forest because we were bored and staying inside all day is boring. so when we were walking around i had to go to the bathroom and while i was peeing on a tree she walks over to me and just stares at my p****. i try to turn away because its embarassing but she kept moving to try and see. after i was done p****** i told her that she wasnt supposed to see that but she wanted to see it again. I thought "whats the harm" and let her see it. she started to touch it and it felt soo good and i got really hard. The hornyness got the best of me and i put my hand on her head and shoved my p**** in her mouth just like in those p*** videos. Her mouth felt so good around my p**** and after about 10 seconds i came in her mouth and it overflowed and spewed out it was so cute and amazing. After that we rushed home and we havent said anything sense.



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  • Also you may add fingering using lube .... This will stretch her p**** within a year to accommodate your c***!

  • Wtf

  • Your right it is a bald headed old man writing this karp.

  • Bullshit...this is not the writing of a 12 year old. you're clearly an adult

  • The f***, man, if she was step, maybe even haf, and was your age or older, still bad, but not this bad, pedo.

  • When I was 12 I was still being tucked into bed at night and mom would read me a bed time story. I didn't know what s** was and would have been super embarrassed to be seen naked by a girl. My and my mates rode our bikes and called girls yukky and climbed trees.

    I guess you must have developed early

  • Some people mature earlier than others.

  • Once again not the replies you expected! You can't Wa nk off to the replies. People are getting sick of you and your Disgusting posts. Those are not all mine. This is my third reply here.

  • Unrealistic posts

  • Die mother F***** die.

  • Fuckoff Sickfucking pedos

  • Thats sick pedos

  • Would you share her?

  • Should have had her p ussy too

  • #RacistSickFuckingDicklessWannabePedoWhoSucksTheirShitCoveredDicksClean
    Have a nice death 👆👆👆🤢🤮

  • Good for you

  • Proud of you!

  • Rubbish

  • Beautiful but she was ready to suck long ago

  • You two pedo's should go to heII and die

  • Did you continue after that? After she had given you bj, she deserved her p**** licked and sucked (if not eaten in proper way).

  • Pussylicking, sucking,touching should start long before 8

  • You are a sick man get help

  • They should get them licked, sucked and felt long before 8

  • Wtf sick just sick your replies are even more sick 🤢🤮

  • N****....

  • Drop dead you sickFucking pesos

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