Wanna suck c***

I wanna suck c***. But i know ill feel guilty later. Also still stuck with parents, so guess i wont.

Jun 10

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  • Seems there are a lot of lustfilled sexual predators. Watch out for the snakes. If you are 15 I suggest not asking these questions to people willing to violate you. As you cannot consent legally all those predators know that. God bless. Be safe yo

  • Just sucked my uncles

  • Mine is here for you whenever you want it

  • Lol

  • Suck mine no need to feel guilty

  • Lol we don't live near each other.

  • Also am a guy so...

  • I want to feel yourcock in my mouth, play with yourballs, swallow yourcum

  • I'm a different guy to the original comment, but I find guys give great b*******. I've had some ex-Gds that have been great but a lot have been bad, every guy that has blown me has been amazing.

  • Iom a boy i want all boys guys to see me in my panties ill show you my c***

  • Well if I was near you i would love to blow yours (and even let you f*** my boipussy if you want)

  • I'm so hard reading that, I'm assuming your young-ish? I'm 33 but love meeting 20-something guys at a gay bar when I'm fed up of women bullshit. That's how I met all the guys that sucked me off. I'm sucked a few too but intend to f*** them and get blown more. After you've sucked me off, I would definitely play with your tight p**** until you're big enough to let me me f*** you. I'll start easy, but it sounds like you're ready for a good f******. If you're lucky, I'll reach around and tug you off too. Oh, I don't wear condoms, so you'll feel me explode in your ass too.

  • Sounds lovely! Maybe one day we can meet and do that

  • Someone keeps posting as if they are me. Jealousy maybe. We will meet one day. You'll be dressed nod,ally except underneath you'll be wearing a pretty pink little bra with pink panties and stockings. We'll meet in a hotel, you'll strip to your underwear and then start sucking me off until I've c** down your throat time. Then you'll Ben over the bed, I'll pull your panties down and work your ass. Then you'll have a night long pounding from me constantly filling your ass with c**. You will suck me d*** clean after gumming each time. Your d*** will be raging hard. I'll lie you on you back and f*** you for the last time before we leave and this time I'll start wanking you off. Hopefully you'll last long enough to only start c****** and you feel my d*** throbbing in your ass again.

  • Im a boy ill dressas a girl for you ill wear a cute school and white panties

  • Wearing pink panties today actually, just wish I had your c ock to suck and get to swallow your c um, then feel that hard, throbbing c ock in my tight young boipussy

  • Do you want to see my panties ill pull them down you can see mine

  • Im a boy im wearing gir;s pink panties you can pull mine down play with me

  • I'm hard thinking about it

  • I want you to see my panties i go outside in mine i go down by the river in my t shirt panties

  • Do you want to see a cute boy in panties whats under them ill show you mine

  • Im glad

  • I miss the shower fun with the pools being closed and no school

  • I am younger than 20 but I want to suck you off, I have sucked a couple of older guys off in the shower at the swimming pool and enjoy the taste of c um, i am going to be tight but I am ready to take a man's c ock in me and feel him c um, I have used my sisters c ock shaped vibrator with out her knowing it is about 9" long and really thick

  • How old then ;) -someone different

  • 15 in august

  • I can move! lube thatpussy my cockis hard and ready

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