H*** with BLM

Black people screaming for equality while they talk s*** on Asians their whole lives. If you want to be treated better, you should treat others better. I lived in America my whole life and 90% of racism I experienced came from black people. 10% from white people. Police doesn't have right to kill innicent people. We do need police reform. I feel sorry for those who passed away from police brutality. But black people, don't expect any support from me. You s****** on Asians your whole f****** life. Fix yourself first to deserve a better life.

Jun 11, 2020

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  • THANK YOU. Yes, racism needs to be dealt with, but the conversation no one's having is that BOTH SIDES NEED TO COMPROMISE.

    Yeah, yeah. Fragile petals in the audience, have your little freakout. Yell and scream and call me a racist. Whatever. I'm right and you can't touch me. Shut up.

    It's well established what the bigger-a****** side needs to do, and the national consciousness has mandated action (and lots of it) these last couple of weeks. Unfortunately there's been a LOT of pageantry and reactionism and virtue signaling, but not a whole lot of what actually needs to be done.

    As for the other side: Some people are doing this right, telling their stories, being assertive, and making waves in ways that create forward momentum. The ones regressing deeper and deeper into moron behavior and screeching all the time about "whitey" are NOT among them. Those jackasses are having the *opposite* effect-- DUH. If they act like idiots, they'll be treated like idiots. That's a basic fact of reality no matter what color one's skin is.

  • You are a idiot. Please shut up for blends in your miserable life. Who cares what you think. I clearly dont. And by the way. Stay away from lack people. They don't need you. And never did.

  • Can't handle it when someone rolls up with real talk can you? Thats why you jigs are in trouble all the time.

  • Well, we know which kind you are... idiot :)

    If you didn't care, you wouldn't need to pop off. You outed your own self, which is another hallmark of the dumbshit demographic. Thanks for proving the point nicely, and more than once!

    Maybe work on some basic intelligence instead of mouthing off reactively in places where your noise isn't needed or helpful. The world is in the shape it's in because of too many people with more mouth than brains.

    Although, for clarification: what is a "lack" person?

  • And what is the meaning of "for blends"?

  • L

    SJW officialy triggered!!!!!

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