Why I love letting men c** on my [f]ace

I didn't always like it. Quite honestly, it's just messy and hard to clean up. I'd actually rather swallow a load of c** than have it painted across my face. Before I started swinging, my husband had actually only given me a facial exactly twice and it was the only two times I had ever done it at that point in time. When we started swinging though, I started really loving it. It started with me getting turned on when my husband came on my face in front of other couples and now has turned into me loving when other men do it to me too.

The reason why I love it is because once a guy c*** on my face, I know that my reputation with him is forever changed and there's no going back. I mean it's one thing for you to get to see me naked, or sucking c***, or even getting f***** on my back. It's another thing for you to see me on my knees with your c** splattered across my face. Once you see that, you know that in that moment, I am absolutely and undeniably a cumslut. From now on, if you ever tell me that I'm a cumslut, I wouldn't even be able to deny it. What can I say? You've literally seen me on my knees letting you use my face like a c** rag. It's the ultimate thing you can see me do and there's not much else I can hide from you at that point. It's the ultimate ice breaker. Nothing will be sexually awkward with this guy ever again. Why would I be embarrassed around this guy ever again if I know that all he has to do is close his eyes and he'd see me with c** on my face?

But the even better thing about getting facials is that I get so turned on thinking about how I have two categories of guys in my life: those that know I'm a cumslut and those that have zero idea. If I let you c** on my face, it's my way of saying "Welcome to the club. You'll never see me the same ever again."

Think about it, girls. How many guys have you met in your entire life? Maybe during the day, you have a job were there are people who work under you and consider you their boss. Maybe you have coworkers that make casual conversation with you all day long. Maybe you have guy friends that have known you since childhood. Maybe they are your friends' husbands or boyfriends. Maybe there are guys out there who knew you back in high school and maybe always had a crush on you but you had to friendzone because you didn't feel the same way. What do you think your reputations is with them? Now how do you think their perception of you would change if you ever let them see you with c** on your face? Or even just know that there is a group of guy out there that get to c** on your face on a regular basis?

This might sound weird, but I absolutely love that I have secret slutty life. During the day, I spend so many hours being professional at work. Hanging out with friends, I always try to come off as helpful and sweet. At home, I try my best to be a loving wife. But I know, that there exists a number of guys in my life that know that I'm an absolute cumslut, that I get g********* and passed around, and that I'm absolutely okay with being called a cumdumpster.

You know that hottest thing I recently realized? If you've read any of my other posts, you'll know that I swing in a group of couples and that we're all friends with each other. One particular guy in the group is actually a friend of my husband from even before we started swinging, so this guy actually sometimes hangs out with us with friend groups that have no idea that I have this slutty side.

When we're hanging out like this, I sometimes totally forget that this friend and his wife swing with us, and everything is very inconspicuous. However, the other day, I had a really hot thought. This guy has seen it all. He's g********* me, c** on my face, creampied me while making out with his wife, etc. He has pictures of me too that he's taken on his phone with my permission. If he's standing there at a party with all of our other friends, all he has to do is whip out his phone and he can show the entire party pictures of me with c** running down my forehead or his c*** buried deep inside my p**** while my husband jerks off on my face. My reputation would be ruined and I am so turned on that I have absolutely no control over it. I know he'd never do it, but for being someone with so much to lose, it turns me on so much.

Lastly, another thing I love about getting facials is that you're giving the guy an image that he will forever have in his mind. Hanging out with my husband's friend who swings with us is wild. Every time I talk to him, I wonder: is he imagining c** on my face right now?

Anyways, sorry for rambling. I'm so turned on just typing this out, I'm gonna go ask my husband for a facial right now. Remind me that I'm just a cumslut please!


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  • I don't like c** over my face and I never have. When my brother is about to c** during s** he pulls out and I let him c** over my t***. He likes and i like it so it works for us.

  • I got my first taste of c** and a facial when i was 15!I was never baptized as a baby,so when i was 15,my parents had me baptized at Easter sunday mass along with all of the other kids,preteens and teens. Like all of the other girls baptized with me,i was dressed in the traditional,white,poofy,sleeveless,above the knees baptism dress with the matching bonnet,lace socks and the white 'mary jane' shoes and had the traditional white sleeveless undershirt with the cloth diaper and plastic pants on under my dress.My boyfriend,Eric,who was 16,came to my party and saw me and told me i looked cute and just like a baby girl! After my party was over,my parents left to go to the nursing home to visit gramma.Me and Eric started making out and he put his hand under my baptism dress and felt my diaper and plastic pants.He got very aroused and unzipped the back of my baptism dress and pulled it off of me! He told me i looked just like a baby with my diaper and blousy fitting plastic pants on with my undershirt.Next thing i knew,his pants were down and he had his hard p**** out.He pushed me to my knees,put his hands on my head and thrust his h****** into my mouth and started thrusting my head back and forth! A few minutes later,he came and shot his c** onto my face and some into my mouth! I gagged at the taste and he took his hand and pushed his c** on my face into my mouth and made me swallow it.That was my first facial and c** swallow.A month later,in May,all of us older kids that were baptized at Easter,made our First Holy Communions and all of us girls had to wear our baptism diaper and plastic pants under our communion dresses.I had to give Eric a b****** again,and this time he came on my face and spread his c** on my cheeks and forehead!

  • Wow! I always thought of c** as “liquid gold” and that it should never be wasted and always treasured.

    When I was young I hated it when I got my first Pearl Necklace. I’ve been sexually active for 34 years now. I’m 48 and been married to the same man for the last 24 years. I have not had s** with another man for more than 25 years now. But we do have threesomes with a couple of my closest friends. Since this CoViD thing it’s just been us and my neighbor and best friend.

    I love watching my hubby F*** Andrea hard. She loves it as she is now in her early 50’s and her hubby can’t get an erect ion any more. She has a great body and a beautiful red bush. I love to lick her clean when he is done. I tell her,” honey I’ll let my hubby f*** your brains out. But what comes out of that c*** belongs to me”.

    Tonight Andrea is coming over to spend the night. I’m going to tell my husband not to c** inside her. That Andrea want to suck it when your done and I want to watch. But I’m going to as Andrea to bring his c*** near my face and I want her to squirt him all over my face and then she can lick my face clean

    I’m getting wet just thinking about it

  • This really hits me h****** my life. I’m a guy and I’ve had that exact image with girls who I’ve c** on their face and you are exactly right! In my mind I’ve forever had images of girls I’ve given facials too and done some pretty wild things with.

    Even now I have pics and videos of sexual encounters these girls have given me permission to take and use. One of my favourites is a g******* with a girl and this guy just unloaded on her face and it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

    My life I’m normal, I work, I get fit and socialise. But no one knows the real me, I’d don’t think I’d be upset if people found out about what I’ve done, it might actually turn me on.

    About 4 years ago I met a Hotwife on Craigslist. She was super slutty and at the time and well into the extremely sexual world I hadn’t encountered yet. She was a real cumslut and to this day has been the only real cumslut who has loved facials. Some will do it, but she’s the only one who loved it. She had her men she would spend her evenings getting facials, one after the other. One night I was her 7th facial.

    Unfortunately she moved interstate and maybe see her once a year now.

    Women like you are a treasure, please don’t ever stop. This world is a ver boring place without you and not only making your husband happy, but others around you.

    Stay safe

  • My wife has come home to me a few times with c** stuck to her face & in her hair, just to show me that she's been a cumslut

  • My wife loves that idea too. And of course our own secret fantasies too! She would get so excited and wet when our swingclub friends would call and ask us to attend. She also had a craigslist random black man come and f*** her, twice, that she later ran into at a grocery store! Neither sting a word...Knowing he has seen her at her dirtiest gets her feeling faint! ;) She has a wonderful sweet and innocent reputation otherwise and even belongs to a few women's groups...! My secret s*** wife!

  • I'd love to see her with her clothes on so i could mentally underess her knowing what a dirty girl she is. Please email me sphiil@aol.com

  • Hot story. interesting perspective.

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