I let my bar customer j*** off to me for money

I (f/26) bartend at a corner bar. The guys that come in are usually older, fat, unattractive to me. I flirt with them, because it is fun and makes me more money. Sometimes the bar is sooo slow that it is boring and the tips are bad. One of the regulars started asking me on those slow days if he could pay me to take shots with him or sit next to him etc. I started accepting his offers and taking the money. His ideas progressed -- he's given me money to show him my underwear, flash him, and sit on his lap. Right before we went into covid lockdown, he asked if I would go into the bathroom with him and let him j*** off to me without me touching him. There hadn't been anyone in the bar for over an hour and my manager was running an errand or something so I said yes.

We went into the bathroom he had me stand at the sink, so i could see myself in the mirror and him standing behind me. He pulled out his nasty little c*** and started stroking it. I swear I am not at all attracted to him, but I got so wet at the situation. He told me to pull my pants down so they were at my knees and take off my shirt. I did, then he told me to pull my bra down so he could see my b****. I was basically standing in my thong. You can hear the s***** music from the bar and so I started sort of moving around to it, looking at myself in the the mirror. He was so big behind me, jerking off. He reached his other hand around and played with one of my nipples. I got so h**** and leaned my shoulder back into him. Every once in a while I would let my ass graze his tiny d***. Then he grabbed a paper towel and came into it and threw it into the trash can. He grabbed a wad of cash from his wallet and shoved it hard into the front of my thong, bumping into my c***. I went weak. He walked out immediately, leaving me there. I finger f***** myself so hard before returning to work. When I came out of the bathroom he teased me saying I must've gotten off too and I tried to play it off like I didn't. I'm so embarrassed, but It is all I can think about. I'm nervous for the next time I see him when it is slow at work, because I don't know what he will ask me to do and I might do it.

Jun 17, 2020

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  • Honey, your still young so have fun, but when you get older like me you won’t want to waste a hard c*** when you see one.

    If it made you wet you should go for it. After all you don’t have to marry the guy and he will likely give you a good tip too.

    From a lady that’s old enough to be your mom let me give you some advice, go for it have fun your only 26 once

  • Sounds like a good thing! He gets off, pays you, then you get off!

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