I am a Woman with an Extremely High S** Drive

If my husband only knew, he'd absolutely s***. I never took a guy home in my life and never will. A very close friend of mine introduced me to a swingers club. I get in free because I'm a woman. That's my night out with the girls and I'm not required to come home that night as he thinks I'm out drinking and dancing with my girlfriends. I can have s** with a dozen men at the club if I want. I'm 5 feet 9 inches, 140 pounds with a DD cup size bra so I get all the s** I can handle. But I don't s*** where I eat honey; my man makes a very comfortable living for us and often leaves town on business which also works out well for me. My husband is awesome in bed and gets the job done but he's good for twice a night at best. I m********* several times a day then we have great s** when he gets home then I m********* a couple times before I sleep. It's not my fault, it's just who I am.

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  • I had a gf who had a super high s** drive as well. We had s** every night and morning, and she had s** with many other guys as well. I eventually found out, and our relationship continued, but eventually we split.

  • My perfect woman !

  • Totally true! There are women in the world --- lots of them --- for whom one man will never be enough. They need more action. They need more attention. They need more love. Men call them bad names. They think "I'd never marry a woman like that", but they don't realize that her sexual overdrive is strengthening the marriage. Men! Wake up! You'd be lucky to have a woman like that! In fact, you should GO FIND YOURSELF A CHEATER! no one will ever make you half as happy!

  • AIDS is on the rise

  • You are not an exception and you have rightly joined a swinger club. A lot can happen at swingers club. I am a member of such a club with limited members. It has two rooms - sunny hole and free room. When things heats up one can go to the first one where you have four holes through which four men display their hard c**** to be sucked by us- the female members. A private glory hole thing! The second room is quite dark and small and four naked men and women can squeeze in with little space left - and fondle, rub, kiss etc in standing position only. Lots of bi, gay and lez acts go on for half an hour. Then another batch replace them!! Really HOT to have s** afterwards...

  • You sound like my husband's idea of a perfect wife

  • S***

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