F****** black and latino men's a****

It simple, I'm a 35 year old white man, model looks, tall and built. I always had a thing for f****** dark skinned men in the ass. I always been gay and my first lover was a black man I was 16 he was 30. He saw my c*** in the locker room at the community center gym. It big and thick and within 45 minutes we were at his place. His ass in the air with me loosing my virginity inside him, ending with me c** in him.

I f***** him daily for a year he was a complete bottom and we loved each other. But he died in a car crash with his wife. I guess I have been trying to recreate what I had with him.

So for19 years I've topped almost 2,000 black and latino men. I love the contrast of my white c*** entering their dark body. I can not even hard with a white guy. But in truth I have to think of him to get hard also.

It still hurts not to have him. I feel guilty using these men's body as s** toys when I really only want him.

I just can't stop, and these men can't come out in their communities so they have to be on the down low.

I just want and miss him so much.

Jun 18, 2020

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  • I was 12 eager and to please the white guy who'd pay me to help do yard work. I don't know now if he turned me into a gay sissy or was I one already, but after that first time I started wearing my sister's panties?

  • The man was married too. I don't trust no man. Never did. Married men are the worst. Wait a minute. Why are you so angry. You must got that AIDS

  • No AIDS. Just very Sad.

  • No!! Sick in the head

  • This reminds me of just how sexually active men can be.

  • I am a white man 63 years old I have been f*** by both black and white men black men c*** s are so much better I wish I had one right now in my white ass any black men reading this now let me no where we can meet and to get you super hard you can f*** my throat I have swallowed a 11inch c*** I love when a nice set of b**** are banging my chin and I will clean you off with my tongue when you are done you can. Bring a friend if you want

  • You old men don't have common sense

  • And that's why black women have AIDS. You sick foolish savage animal. You can have the dumb black man.

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