Omegle has some of the most F***** up men I ever seen

I confess that I’m embarrassed to be a man right now, because we Real Men in the west have totally forgotten how to be Real men in Society and it’s not our fault that we Men are so weak and stupid and worthless and drug addicted and perverted and
I confess that Omegle has some of the sickest perverted men I ever seen, not all of them are sick perverted degenerates, some of them are good guys, but others are just not there. And I know the reason on why they are like that, there are no more attractive women for them, either they are unemployed or they got a low paying job or dead end job, and I know that most of them have never had a real pretty Girlfriend before, most of the women they are with or used to be with are already taken or they are ugly and unattractive and fat useless women or their woman is already gone or dead just like with me, Omegle is the one that is Mostly f***** up, they are just victims of a cruel world that turned its back on them. They are not f***** up or perverted, it’s Omegle and the adult entertainment industry that made them sick and degenerates and slaves to their own selfish agendas. Omegle made them into outcasts of Society.

Jun 19, 2020

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  • Hey Omegle shill, these bullshit stories are getting really old

  • It's women fault turning men into girls.

  • It's your illiterate self's fault for being bitter about not being born a girl

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