I kicked a guy in his b****. He asked for it.

Now that I look back on it I feel as though there was something more to it. About 10 years ago I was hanging out with my friend, her sister, and both of their boyfriend's at the mall. Everything was normal and the evening was wearing on so we were about to leave when we came across a guy and a couple of his buddies. He approached us and made small conversation.

I'm not quite sure how the proposition began but he said something about wanting us to kick him in his b****. Like, all of us, individually, one after the other. Now, our group was pretty open minded and didn't turn our noses up at some random dude asking us to smash his privates. We actually took it as a challenge. I, in particular, felt as though I wanted to make this guy rethink this decision and give him all I've got. I'd been playing sports for a couple years by that time and was very familiar with kicking b**** so I thought this was going to be fun. So, after accepting his invitation we all go outside the mall (so to not alarm security? I don't know why we went outside) and ask him if he's sure he wants to do this and he agrees happily.

We line up in disbelief and try to contain our excitement at his incoming pain. Dude squats down a bit, put his hands on his thighs, and motions for us to proceed. One after the other we take turns full on kicking this dude in the nuts. This dude doesn't even flinch. Matter of fact, he keeps smiling the entire time and encouraging us. The guys we were with had their go and just looked at us girls stunned like "how?wtf?" I decided to go last and give it a running start. My first kick lifted this guy off the ground. No effect. A take a second go because that couldn't be right. Upon the second kick I'm pretty close to this guy and he's looking me dead in the eyes and I get weirded out. He's just smiling, laughing, and his friends are standing to the side not saying anything all creepy like. At this point we don't know whether to thank him or for him to thank us and we take off kinda quick. I still have no clue what the f*** that was about or why anyone would do something like that.

Jun 19, 2020

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  • S***...never Been kicked or really even hurt my nuts before but I wanted a chick to kick me since I was like 13 (10 yrs ago in middle school lol) I dunno why just weird I guess lol... ya ever do anything like that again since?

  • Do toi like it? Busting b****?

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