Boyfriend r****** me for the first time

We are both 19, have been together since January and got intimate in the beginning of March, we hadn't seen each other for a while due to quarantine and exams. We had only been intimate in his car due to lack of intimate space. Today my parents weren't home and i invited him over, i had invited him ahain once but we didn't get intimate, we just cuddled. Things got nice and escalated quickly, we were a bit anxious of getting caught and we almost did by my older sister cause she came from work earlier but luckily we had 3 hours without being bothered. We rushed to have intercourse first and we left foreplay for the end, lol. So i lay with my butt near him, i did that so that he would grab it and stuff but i see him burrying his face on it and he rimmed it. He hesitated at first and he tried to check if there was a taste left and he would stop a lot but i reassured him i have a special soap for my private parts and i have cleaned it inside out just before he came home - i had wet hair anyways, it dried out after a while.
I was like wow. We did so many other things much more comfortably cause we finally had a bed, he is 6'3 and I'm 5'6 so especially for him, his car is torture. He had only kissed my bootyhole once in his car while i bent over but i thought he tried to reach my vag and missed lol. But today he really enjoyed it, i saw that he was worried abiut any accident but certainly I can see him getting used to it. It felt great and he also managed to eat me out, something we barely did in the car cause of the minimal space lol.

Was great, we sat at the living room and i saw a black figure in the glass door and i told him to run in my room. We hide until my sister went in her room and left. I said goodbye to him and tommorow may continue what was left uncompleted :)

Jun 20, 2020

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