I dated her for several months, but she told me that I was sexually inadequate.
We split up, but about a year later she called and told me that she needed a friend to talk to and I said yes.
Her boyfriend had got her preg, and she lost her job so she couldn't pay the rent. I told her she could come and share my bed. She became dominant and
told me that my p**** was too small for her. I was in love with her beautiful t***
so she let me suck them while I played with my little p****. She would tell me how much better her boyfriend was and I was such a wimp.
She would give me her panties which I loved to wear. I would take pics of her
in naughty poses and she would give them her former bf.
I would try to put my p**** in her p**** but she would just laugh because it kept falling out. I loved it when she would dress me in lingerie and cut my hair in the style for a girl as she ridiculed me for being a sissy boy.

Jun 23

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  • You have met your ideal partner who can help you complete your journey to sissyfication. Begin hormone treatments, it will help make your d*** and b**** shrink even smaller and you will sprout some beautiful little t******.

  • If you enjoy her dominance go for it. enjoy her. Just know there will be other men. Apparently she cares for you, she may even love you. She might ask you to find dates for her. You may already be her chuckhole. She may enjoy you being sexually involved with men.

  • At least she was honest

  • Who is Gina?

  • I bet you'd like her boyfriend to make you suck his d*** wouldn't you? 🤤

  • I wanna my wife to do this to me too. Even making me suck a d***

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