Old Women are a*******

The elderly women are a*******. All they do is talk down to people and be rude to them for no reason. There is one in a dark blue shirt and she is being mean to people for no reason. F*** that a******.

Jun 23, 2020

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  • Some old women are: bitter, twisted, devious, evil mother f******! I know some old women who dump men like they change their underwear. They are rotten, lying, perverted gold diggers! The older they get the worse they become! Stay away if you have a conscience. Young or old, they can be your worst nightmare. The same applies for some men, also. Many treat relationships as a game. Not worth your time or sanity!

  • Older women are not a*******.

    They are amazing lovers. As a 19 year old young man all I can say is that when it comes to s** there is nothing better than a 45-55 year old woman with a nice full bush.

    I’ve busted a few shaved right cherries but older is definitely better

  • Yuk!!!

  • Judging from your reply you never had the pleasure only an older woman can provide. You should try it before you rush to judgement

  • No thank you. I like fresh milk.

  • You are so juvenile. Trust me older women are incredible in bed. I have popped cherries. I have had college girls as well.

    But there is nothing better than an older woman.

    If the p**** ain’t old enough to have birthed me it ain’t worth f******.

  • Are they in Palm Springs? Every single person in Palm Springs is rude to one little mental patient with OCD and a keyboard.

  • My generation is hilarious! They get really excited about using proper pronouns and kissing up to everyone with darker skin tones, but old people still suck. I think everybody sucks equally

  • Equally????

  • You suck.

  • You stank

  • Darker skin tones. What about your white skin tone. The mayo clinic is really dumb these days

  • Here's Racist Infant, right on time with the racist assumption he's talking to a white person. Watch as he makes some stupid remark to this comment that has nothing to do with reality, his ego won't let him walk away

  • Don't call the kettle pot black

  • Don't worry, the old hanks will die sooner than you think.

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