My aunty shirley

Well i am looking for some advice my 5w year old aunty who is very sexy has been flirting with me like always grabbing my a*** and just gets changed in front of me which gets me really turned on i know she loves s** seen her knicker draw and wow some fantastic stuff in there so what do yous think of it

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  • Finally f***** her

  • Congratulations!!!!

  • If she's gabbing your a**, I guess it's fair game to grab her's. If she is getting changed in front of you, I guess it's fair for you to get changed in front of her. When you say "gust gets changed in front of me" what doe's that mean? Is she just changing her top so you see her in her bra for a minute or maybe she is gust changing her pants so you see her in her panties for a second or is she getting totally naked?

  • Get her alone with a bottle of wine... : )

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