I saw my mom sucking my step dad's d***

I'm 18F. My mom married my step dad 6 years ago and I was so happy and loved him. Our house has an unfinished basement and that's where the washer and dryer are. Last April there was something wrong with the washing machine so my mom and step dad were down in the basement and he was tryin to fix it. I was out in the backyard sitting around the firepit. I was going to get some water to put the fire out and as I walked up to the faucet I saw something through the basement window and when I looked my mom was on her knees sucking my step dad's c***. As I watched he put his hand on my mom's head and wrapped her hair around his hands. She has really long hair. He put his head back and my mom reached up and was rubbing his b****. I saw his hips start moving and my mom just held his d*** in her mouth and I realized he was c****** in her mouth! She kissed his d*** few times and stroked him then licked the tip of his d*** and then stood up and he put his d*** back in his pants. It was so hot watching them and my p**** got so wet. I laid in bed and masturbated that night thinking about what I saw. Then I started thinking about what it would be like to suck him the way my mom did. I started thinking about that a lot and would make myself c** several times a week. I would also look at his crotch to see if I could see the outline of his c*** and even tried to accidently see it but I never did.

My mom is a nurse and the company that owns the hospital asked for volunteers to go to New York to help staff a hospital there. Her and my step dad talked about it and decided she should go. She would be gone at least 3 weeks and maybe more. I thought that would be a good time to maybe, hopefully, get him to let me suck his d***. I was so scared and nervous and really excited all at the same time. The first week she was gone I didn't do anything. The next week I promised myself I was going to try. So one afternoon I fixed dinner before he got home from work. He came home and took a shower and put on a pair of shorts after his shower and then we had dinner. After I cleaned up the kitchen I went in and took a shower and put on a pair of shorts and a homemade cut off shirt that showed just a little of the bottom of my b**** then went and sat down next to him on the sofa and started watching whatever movie was on. This s** scene came on the movie and I looked over and could see the outline of his d*** and he was hard. After the scene was over he paused the movie and went to get a beer out of the kitchen. That's when I decided to do something. I got up and followed him into the kitchen and when he turned around I was right behind him. I dropped down on my knees and pulled his shorts down. He started telling me to stop and even said "Damn it Kaylie, stop it!" I leaned forward and took his hard d*** in my mouth and started moving my head back and forth really fast. He was kind of trying to push me away at first and then I felt him kind of relax and that's when I slowed down and started sucking him the way I'd seen my mom do it and pretty soon he reached down and put his hands on my head and wrapped my hair around his hands. I have really long hair too. He kind of moaned and then I felt his d*** start to throb in my mouth. The next second I felt his c** shooting into my mouth and down my throat. I choked on it for just a second and then start swallowing every time I felt his c*** throb. I kissed and licked his c*** the way I'd seen my mom do it. When he finished he looked down at me and said, "Damn it Kaylie, you shouldn't have done that, but it was fantastic." When I stood up I thought he was going to kiss me but he didn't. He picked me up and took me to my bedroom then laid me down on the bed and took my clothes off. Then he started kissing me, sucking my nipples and fingering me. Then me kissed all the way down my tummy and put his head between my legs and started licking my p****. I had an o***** almost immediately. After we were done he asked me if I liked what he did. I told him I loved it and I also loved having him in my mouth. He asked me why I did that and I told him I had seen mom sucking him and thought it was so hot and sexy. As he left my room he told me we couldn't do that anymore and I told him okay and then I fell asleep. I wanted to do it again so a couple of nights later I wore my tight shorts with no panties so he could see the outline of my p****, which I made sure to let him see whenever possible. I also wore my cut off shirt and no bra. He didn't do anything but after I went to bed he knocked on my door and came into my room and asked me if we could touch each other. I got up and took my nightie off then laid back down. After we touched each other for a while he got on top of me . He didn't say anything to me or ask me if it was alright. He just laid there on top of me kissing me and rubbing my t*** so I reached down and got my hand on his d*** and pulled it towards my p****. It hurt when he first put it inside of me but it started to feel really good after a few minutes. He didn't c** inside me but that's okay because I came two times. We had s** almost every night after that.

My mom is back home but she works 12 hour shifts and he gets home before she does so we have 3 to 4 hours before she gets home. He f**** me a couple times a week. If we don't f*** we do oral s** with each other. He did tell me he wants to do my ass. He said my mom loves it but I don't know about that.

Jun 23, 2020

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  • Your step dad is lucky to drill you and your mum

  • Yes let him f*** your b***. Why not? If you don't let him, he may get sick of you and move on to someone else. You need to do everything possible to keep him. These are great learning lessons for a girl. Has he had you drink his p*** yet? a girl can't properly respect a man's d*** until she does that. There is nothing quite as special as a step-dad's d*** unless it is the d*** of a real father or of a brother.

  • Wow! What a story. You made me sooo WET

  • I used to sneak in when my step dad was drunk and mom was not home, I would suck his d*** when he was sleeping and sometimes he would get hard.

  • Why didn't you try it when he was awake?

  • Hi I am a gay men when I was younger my stepdad enjoy used my mouth when mum was at work

  • My cousin tearfully admitted that her mom and step-dad made her have to mess with him to get extra things she wanted. I blurted out that at least her step-dad is hot. She looked at me a long time before she smiled and added that was why she often asked for extra things

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