Big hard nipples for my wife

My wife and I have been happily married for many years. She picked up a part-time job at an office for spending money. Then she started asking me to suck on her t*** every night to get them real big and hard. Sometimes she would make me suck on her t*** in the morning too. Her nipples got really big and hard, and then she liked to wear tight tops and sweaters (that showed them off real good). I found out that the men in the office paid lots of attention to her during the work day, and felt her up under her blouse. I finally got her to admit it, she denied it for a long time. She said she gets so h****, and their c**** would get so big, that she wanted to do more. The idea turned me on, as I f***** her hard. I told her to j*** off their big c****, or she could suck them off, just don't f*** them.
Well things went fine like that for a long time, and she would tell me s** stories that made me c** hard for her. But then someone told me they saw her f****** an employee on the hood of his car. I also was told she was bringing men home for lunch, and f****** them in our bed!
It is a turn on, I have to admit. I let her have her hot s** adventures, and make her tell me about it as we f***. Our s** lives are great!

Jun 24, 2020

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  • Very lucky woman.

    I’m jealous. All that attention and a hubby who is turned on by it.

    You are an amazing man. I want to f*** you so bad.

  • Very hot to me!

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