F****** hate chavs

Why oh why aren't we allowed to exterminate chavs? Or do like they tried to do in the Victorian era, and poison them slowly. Or put them on their own island in the middle of nowhere.

Why can't we let them choke on their tracksuits or choke on their cigs?

Just wish they'd die of alcohol poisoning since they're all f****** alcoholics the out of shape bastards, with their s***** football tatts, beer bellies, bald heads and lack of any values or sense.

Racist c****, alot of them hate asians, hate eastern europeans, hate blacks but still love indian food, polish chicks and hip hop and grime. Can't f****** read or right but have no problem b***** breeding. Always breeding. Like that opening scene from Idocracy. Never work but have loads of kids. F****** oxygen thieves. Violent louts, loud talkers, always yelling about something dumb, door slammers, knuckle draggers. They all own pitt bulls and they all stink. What's that about?

F****** British chavs need to die.

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