MIL caught me with her panties

Recently i have been having sexual fantasies about my MIL. It all started a couple years back when we shared a vacation home. I was coming out of the shower thinking no one was home and rather than cover up just walked to my room holding my towel in hand. To my surprise my MIL was in my room changing the sheets. Caught off guard I quickly covered myself with the towel and apologized. She apologized as well but went on changing the sheets, saying "I'll only be a minute". As I was watching her bending over the bed in her yoga pants my erection started to swell. When she was done she turned to me and I saw as she glanced down & at this point it was completely obvious that I was rock hard.She just smiled and said "I better get out of here so you can get dressed". Well before I got dressed I needed to self relieve myself. Never before had I noticed what a beautiful, big full behind that she had, and it looked so hot in those tight pants. Right after I e********* I was filled with guilt.
Since then I have always tried to get a view of that behind. She lives nearby and recently I have started coming up with reasons why I needed to stop by her home, by myself when she would be home alone. On this occasion, she surprisingly was not home. The house was empty. I was there to pick up some of my kids clothes that were in her dryer. As I was emptying to dryer I noticed a few of her bras hanging above. immediately I began to get excited. I decided to inspect and feel the bras. They felt so soft and I noticed they were size 36D, I knew her b****** were on the large size but did not think they were that big, which only turned me on more. I began to rub myself through my shorts. My curiosity and excitement got the best of me and I decided to take a look in her room for some panties. Hopefully something in the bin that had been worn. Unfortunately no dirty worn panties to be found. I opened her drawer to find a purple mesh type thong on top of an assortment on panties, bras, nylons, and such. At this point I was painfully erect and unzipped my shorts to release my throbbing hard erection. At this point I know the bedroom door was open as I never bothered to shut it knowing no one was home. I took the purple panties, removed my shorts and sat down on the bed facing away form the door. I began to slowly stroke myself as I held the panties & rubbed them over my face. I was picking up the pace and could feel my o***** building. I dropped the panties, was so turned on and oblivious to my surroundings, I stood up and continued to stroke faster & was just about ready to explode, when I heard a knock and MIL quietly calling my name. i was shocked turned around and noticed the door was now closed. OMG, she saw me standing there bare assed and stroking myself with her underwear drawer clearly open. Quickly I pulled up my shorts. thinking what the h*** am I going to say. So, I say I was looking for an extra laundry basket for my clothes. I head out of the bedroom to take my medicine. Of course she is wearing a tight pair of yoga pants, with only a sports bra on top, which causes my already noticeable erection to bob up and seem more obvious. She just looked at me smiled and asked, "did you find what you were looking for?" I mumbled something got my clothes from the dryer and left. She's never said a word but since the incident has seemed to be a little more flirty and even a little more revealing in her dress. It's driving me crazy.

Jun 29, 2020

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  • I would be b**** deep in her..

  • F*** her then

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