B******* from my young daughter and her BFF

When my daughter was young her mother and i used crack cocain and my daughter and her friend who also called me dad saw my s*** sitting on my computer desk and ask what it was so i was truthful as always and told them what it was.They was watching a dvd i had made on the tv and i went to the bathroom to take a p*** and deciuded to have the wife suck my c*** and since she was high and tring to sleep i just did what i wanted and f***** her face and as i was ready to c** in her mouth my girlsfriend opened the door to go pee in our bath room and stood there and watched as i c** in the wifes mouth so i pulled out a lil and let he see it and ofcourse she went and told my daughter.So i told them thats just something people do because it feels good and they went to my daughters room to bed.The next morning i took them and another friend shopping and had a good day and affter we droped the friend off at home and started to our town i stoped and got high outside the car and as i got back in my girls were giggling and i said whats up,Star my daughter said Mia her friend had a question so i said what is it?Mia giggled and ask me if they could see my d***,i looked at Star and she smiled so i said if you dont tell anyone and i pulled it out and they both in the front seat got a look so i started driving and a mile down the road Star ask me to stop so when i did i ask why and she said Daddy can we see your d*** hard so i said why not and as i reached to stroke it mia who was beside me grabbed it and its got hard fast i said can i go now and Mia ask if Star could kiss it and i was so high i said ok and Star leaned down and kissed the head and when she sit up they swaped seats and Star said your turn Mia so i took the long way to topwn and as she put her lips to it i was in town and had a stop sighn wityh peopkle waiting to cross so not wanting this young girl to sit up and be seen i put my hand on her head and pulled out and i about s*** when the car jerked and she then had my entire cockl down her throat and it was sohot i started to c** and almost wreaked when she swalloiwed it all and i let her up in my driveway and we wenbt in the house then Mioa ask why i pee in her mouth and i explained it was not pee and Star said you know Mia like in that movie last night.i said wait what movie and star said i got it from your desk and i had her bring it to me and it was a p***.i ask Mia how old she was to be looking at p*** and said dont lie because i know Star is older and she is 12,Mia smiled and said im 10 i about fell out my chair and ask how the h*** she took my 7 inches all the way in her mouth? And she sauid well dad ever since i was 7 my daddy at home showed me how to suck his and did it alot everyday.And Mia said my daddys is like 17 inches long he says because we are black.I was shocked and ask if he hurt her she said no and she liked playn with him now and thats why she wanted to do it with Star.Star ask if i was mad and i said no i wasnt but they could never tell anyone and Mia smiled and said ill never tell if yopu take your pants off and lety us do it again on the couch,what was i to say so i stood striped and stit on the couch and Mia started to suck me again as Star got naked then Star sucked as Mia striped and i said what now,Star said i want to set on your lap daddy and she slid my c*** in her little p**** and started to f*** me,i was shocked and ask how?Star said ill tell ya laterand had mia lick her c*** like they saw on the movie and i said get off im going to c** and mnia pulled it out and in her mouth it went.Afterwards Mia said my turn but she laid on her belly and i said huh,Star said she gets it in her butt daddy and guided me into this 10 yearolds ass and Mia said harder dad garder so i got rougher and Star pushed her p**** into Mia's face and told me to blast it in her ass...after they was done they told me that Mia's Brother had been f****** them for a year and notto be mad..After that everytime the wife was gone they had fun with me and i started not to mind and even looked forward to it...

Jul 2, 2020

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  • Ur a nasty f*** rapist f****** ur daughter. Theres taboo thats hot but theres taboo thats just wrong like f****** ur daughter thats not even a teen I hope u get caught one day

  • I wish I was u

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