My dad spanks me

I am a 13-year-old girl and my dad spanks me very bottom and I like it I get in trouble on purpose so he can spank me it makes me h**** when my dad takes his hand hand spanks me
Is that weird that I like that?
Should I tell him?



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  • This is written by an old fat bald headed man who dreams of being close to a girl. But all he can get is his fat mommas panties to sniff and wear.

  • Maybe you should get help??

  • Help? What for? These are natural urges

  • Why would you need help I want her all to myself I don't need help

  • FUCKOFF and die pedo

  • WTF with this comments, f*** u americans are strange.
    Girl u have a mother - talk to her. If not - then to your dad. A normal adult person, will tell you, taht that should stop.
    U wanna explore your sexuality - thats normal, we all did. But its not normal and not good to have such thing with your dad - will end in you calling men daddy - and in the end we have one more case in the ME.TOO story...

    Tell him - he should stop - you should stop and grow further. All good.


  • Who says we are Americans? I commented earlier beginning with its not weird at all. Tell me what you think?

  • I reckon your dad enjoys spanking you and gets hard doing it ? Does he spank you with your panties on or does he smack your bare bum ? I also think he probably sniffs your dirty panties and looks inside them.

  • Thats sick on all levels. You are a sickFucking pedo 🤢🤮👆💩head

  • Go back to facebook you f****** w****

  • And once he is done spanking does he finger thepussy? 13 is nicepussy

  • SHUTtheFUCKup pedo

  • No it's not weird. It's only natural to crave attention from your dad. If you tell your dad he may stop or he may engage in sexual activity with you. If you say nothing then you continue to enjoy your dad spanking you. I personally think your dad enjoys this as much as you and becomes excited by this. The problem is you are still very young and s** with anyone should be out of the question until you are at least 16. So, the best option is to continue as you are and when you turn 16 you can have a sexual relationship with your dad. Good luck!


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