A nightmarish s**

I used to live in U.P. state in India and my home was not too far from the Nepal border. We were going to shift to Bangalore in a week or so. So, I decided to have one final f*** in the nearby regions after twice having banged s**** in Delhi. I decided to go to Nepal to try out a s***. I made an excuse at home that I was going out somewhere with my friends.

I knew of a few brothels in Nepal because I had read up on others’ experiences. I went to one such. This time, I selected a middle-aged woman in her very late thirties who knew Hindi, because I had never experienced f****** someone so elder. She was somewhat fat, but that only increased the excitement.

We went inside the room. I removed my t-shirt and vest and undressed her down to her bra and panties, and hugged her, kissing her neck. In that position we made our way to the bed. I arrived on top of her and began kissing her on her lips and pressing her ass b****. I was becoming hard, and my d*** was trapped in my underwear which was inside my jeans. While I kissed her, she unzipped my jeans, lowered it using her legs and threw them away. As she reached out for my black Jockey underwear, I snapped, “Not now!” She looked at me with surprise. I gave her a reassuring smile, ran my left hand over her forehead and hair as if I was a loving boyfriend, kissed her forehead and said, “I'll remove my underwear myself. But I must say you're beautiful!” In that moment, I felt so young, daring and in control of things! Because I was! A young boy having s**, having fun and exploring heaven, on top of an older woman only in my underwear and I felt harder, realizing I had grown up. I realized I was betraying my own feelings for the hot girl I had banged twice before this, but I did not care. I realized I was wearing the same underwear over which she had ran her fingers, through which she had lightly pressed my testicles. I was morally cheating with her, but I did not care. My enjoyment mattered to me.

She smiled, and I resumed kissing her lips, necking her, running my fingers on her navel etc. She did not attempt to remove my underwear.

I had become very hard, but I decided to torture that devil caged in my underwear a little more. I indicated her to run her fingers over my underwear, and she did. She also ran her hand over the band of my underwear. Then, she inserted her hand inside my underwear and moved her hand as she liked. I somehow controlled the l*** building inside me. Readers know of my fetish of not removing my underwear until the very end. I kept kissing. She eventually took her hand out of my underwear, leaving my d*** locked again.

When it had become too much for me to hold it anymore, I lowered her panties, threw them away and removed my underwear. I entered her and began f******. She moaned freely as I f*****, and I occasionally kissed. She managed to question me during s**, “You seem practiced. Have you had s** before?” I pretended to be shocked by the question and lied, “What! No! I love only you! Do you really doubt me?” I again caressed her forehead and lied again, “I want to spend my life with you. You don’t know how much I love you and how much you are helping me.” I did not want more conversation, so I increased my speed a little. This way, she would be so engrossed in moaning that she would not be able to say a word. Whenever I felt that she was going to say something, I kissed her on her lips. She came once, and I was close to coming. She did tell me to be out of her before I came, but the excitement of f****** someone elder and in a foreign country led me to orgasming with an intensity, inside her and I let out a loud moan, “AWWWWHHHHHH!” as my spooge shot inside her.

We were both horrified. Before she could scream, I knocked her out. I had come hard, so I wore my underwear and laid down on the bed for a little while to catch my breath. I was scared. As I breathed heavily, I looked at her unconscious figure. I was thinking of somehow killing her and letting this horrible secret die with her. But I did not have time. I hurriedly dressed up and walked normally until the main gate, after which I fled and reached India safely.

I have been able to hide the fact that I have had s** three times from my family.

Jul 4, 2020

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  • F***! I nutted reading this!

  • So you think it’s cool that you felt like killing someone

  • Not cool. I was scared. Also, I did not kill.

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