Mom and daughter g******* p***

One night my wife and I were going through some p***. We came upon a mother and daughter g******* p***. he dads friends come over then he isn't home and they end up gangbanging mom and daughter. The hub/dad walks in and is shocked but they don't stop. He tells them to stop and the daughter tells her dad to shut the f*** up, The wife tells him to just sit back and enjoy the show. So he does. He starts jerking off watching his wife and daughter get g********* by his friends.

Ever since we watched that I can't stop thinking about watching my wife and daughters being g*********. Our daughter are to young yet, But I do hope they grow up to love c**** as much as mom.


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  • Too many **** words to understand

  • Bullshit fantasy😍

  • See here comes the SICKfucking PEDOS out of the woodwork. Like snakes they are gross and nasty. Don't start pedos gonna wreck this one to.

  • Would you SHUT THE F*** UP

  • No will you Shut theFUCKup?

  • I willfuck them no such thing as too young

  • Drop dead pedo hope you go to prison and big fat bubba makes you give him a riimjob then he fucksyourass

  • So 10 and 12, you'd g******* them?

  • Fuckoff pedo and die we got lead for you.

  • Yes

  • You'd need a bunch of friends to help.

  • NO, all night to enjoy those lovely tight little girls

  • Dream on pedo just dream on

  • You don't like how your post is coming out. To bad pedo

  • FUCKOFFpedo

  • Maybe

  • SuckSHIT pedo

  • Make them feel special

  • The are special. Though, I do like when we have friends over I see them checking the 3 of them out in their bikinis.

  • I would rather take them off

  • SickFUCKING pedos need to die

  • You'd need a bunch of friends to help....

  • A bunch of friends to help with what? Killing pedos? Not that many just a sick few.

  • I would!

  • You would g******* my wife and daughters or you would watch you wife and daughters being g*********?

  • Hope your wife see's this and they leave you broke and homeless.

  • Check out my wife and daughter or?

  • Fakeass dreamer your soFUCKINGsick

  • Incest is the best

  • Not it is not.

  • So you'd enjoy watching your wife and daughters g********* like I would?

  • Shut up Like I said you and your fatFUCK of a thing you call your sister never did anything

  • Absolutely!!

  • So you'd watch your wife and daughters being g********* like I would?

  • Sick monkey

  • Family s** is hot!!

  • Ever done any

  • Cousins

  • PEDO stupid little pedo you got noDICK you sit when youPISS

  • I know for a fact and she was 8

  • Oh Just stop you sickFUCKING pedo

  • You wish monkey

  • Drop dead

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