I get off to inappropriate s**

I’m 38 never married, no kids. I’ve never even been engaged. Ever since I had my first o***** at the hands of a co worker I’ve never enjoyed normal s**.

I love meeting married women for discrete sexual encounters, or playing with younger women much much younger than me. I find the allure of it quite intoxicating. It doesn’t have to be ongoing, m not in it for love I don’t even become obsessed with them. Once I’m told it’s just a fling I’m easily okay with it.

Married women it’s so much fun knowing that their husband has no idea, usually they meet when their husband is at work. Never ever have I met one where the husband wasn’t. I’d never meet them at theirs and it was always a daytime play. One thing I loved is how they are so pent up with sexual frustration that they love playing out rape scenarios, forced or really rough s**. As long as there are no marks. The biggest is attention, getting that sexual attention, sexually objectifying them mainly. They love compliments because their husbands have stopped. One I met was a gorgeous Asian wife, stunning, with fake b****. She fed off my compliments and before I even touched her was soaking wet. Some just love feeling a c*** inside them and a good long oral session because they usual s** was about 5-10 minutes with no foreplay or even warming up.

When I meet younger girls it’s usually a daddy fantasy, if not always. Meeting an older man isn’t just about experience it’s a perversion. I once slept with one in my nieces bed and she masturbated to her pics. She wished she was my niece. A lot love the dad bods, some like good fit man, but most love a man who’s a bit rough and hair on his chest. I met one late at night and we sat in my car in the back seat she was riding me while calling me daddy. We talked about being my little girl. Never felt a p**** tighten so hard around my c*** in my life as she came and a few times to. A lot enjoy seducing more than you’d think. Some are shy, but a few like to flirt.

Obviously with the COVID thing it hasn’t happened for a while, but I miss those days. No strings, no commitments, just fun.

I’ve started dating, but normal women just don’t do it for me.

Jul 4, 2020

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  • When I was a teen and continued into my early 20's I basically only slept with married women. It basically became a fetish but started because only married women took sexual interest in me. Girls my age I had to chase, woman seduced me. I liked the easier tail. Unlike the OP I later found out most husbands knew, suspected and some eagerly encouraged their wives straying.

  • He's not a pedo, liking teen p**** does not make you a pedo ass wipes lol, good for you man, I envy you!

  • Same I had some fun but this covid had slowed things down. I'm hoping to find some pent up wives and daughters now!

  • Same. I am 19 and looking for thirty-something women.

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