Ever since I was 13 I would take my sister panties from the hamper and j*** off an c** in them. Over the years I have done it with a lot of my friends wives and daughters panties. As my daughters got older, I used theirs as well but started to get bored. I started to bring their dirty panties to strip clubs and leave them in mens rooms hoping strangers would take them and use them.

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  • Years ago I must have been about 15 and my aunt and her daughter she was 12 come to stay with us for a couple of months ,I was wanking a lot that age like all boys, I had to go to bed about 9:00pm and my cousin about same time ,our bedrooms were next to each other,there was a small hole in the door where a latch used to be,I used to peep on my cousin getting undressed she had nice slim body and lovely breast buds and small growth of dark pubic hair I used to watch her slip her white nightie on and lay on her bed ,one night she lay on her bed and lifted her nightie up and started masturbating,I was wanking by the door I found a pair of her navy blue school panties and took them into my bedroom and sniffed and tasted the white c** marks on them and shot my s**** over them ,things went further later,if your interested I'll tell you later.

  • Lucky boy. I'd have spied and wanked too.
    I can I'm imagine the fragrance In her dirty knickers and probably a few stray pubes ?

  • I don’t know I had a younger sister probably 15 when I was 17. It never even crossed my mind to do something like that. I’m 62 now and back when I was younger we just looked at a dirty magazine. Guess times have changed.

  • Thank you😊 These posts are to get the incest lovers out of the wood work. I never looked at my sisters that way or my parents. I'm in my 50s, Larry Flint was our god of our p***. It's the all the internet p*** that is available. Their brains are fried on it.

  • Be sure your sin will find you out.

  • And let my guess you daughter is underage and you are a pedo for taking them. And here all you fellow pedos will post nasty things about children and you sick things you want to do to them.👆

  • Moron, clothing does not make people pedos

  • A$$HOLE yes they do! Why do they take them and sniff and wackoff with them. Because they want to have underage kids and when they get the chance they will act on that. And some poor kid will be FUCKEDUP for life idiot!

  • Do your research.....oooooppps sorry you can't read

  • I can read enough to see that you areFUCKEDUP

  • Love any used panties - sniff, smell deep, take the crotch are in mouth while masturbating with another one. I have a collection of of about 60 used panties, all from public launderette, friends or relatives home.

  • Yea

  • I hope you steal a pair that a fat sweaty guy wears like a thong. Enjoy sniffing that! Can't wait till you'r caught stealing them. We get to see you on the news

  • Me too!

  • Love tocum in my step daughters

  • Dreamer nothing but a dreamer

  • How old is she?


  • 7 and 10

  • Shut theFUCKUP you SICKfucking PEDO

  • Don't ask pedo

  • That's messed up but it got me hard. Arthur

  • Exactly

  • Drop dead pedo

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